Kiwi Fruit Dream Meaning

Dream about kiwi

What does seeing a dream about kiwi mean? Exotic kiwi seen in dreams is a reflection of bold desires. If you dreamed about fruits on a tree, this is a symbol of wonderful future that is waiting for you. If you saw a big plate with kiwis in your dream, there will be a great opportunity to increase your finances. If such plot was seen by a woman, this is a promise of strong and happy marriage.

As for Miller, he considers that kiwi in a dream symbolizes happiness. However, it will come only after difficult trials. It is also a sign of bright perspectives in the fulfillment of your plans.

If you saw kiwi in a dream, this literally means that you have to reap the results of your labors. Essentially, what you deserve is what you get.

Eating exotic kiwis in a dream predicts very dubious pleasures and short-term success. If a young girl ate kiwi in a dream, she will be disappointed in love affairs.

If you happened to eat especially sour kiwi fruits, this means your best efforts will pass in vain, and the actions of others will make you worry. If you got very sweet and juicy kiwis, the dreambooks promise success in all the spheres of your life.

Strong ripe kiwi seen in a dream predicts that there will be success, and love, and money. Soft fruits with thin skin and overly juicy pulp symbolize temptation and frustration. But a completely rotten kiwi indicates that you are too trusting.

If you saw another person eating kiwi in a dream, you will have some upsets because of your relative. Making kiwi jam in a dream predicts a wonderful surprise.

    Another actions with kiwi will help you get better interpretation of the plot:
  • Washing it or pealing - predicts proposal, about which you should not hesitate.
  • Throwing or crushing kiwi - luck turns away.
  • Buying kiwi - happiness will get a high price.
  • Selling them - a risky deal will bring problems.
  • Treating or being treated to kiwi - help will come from relatives.

Top-5 negative dreams about kiwi

  • Sour kiwi in dreams speaks of a waste of time.
  • Bitter kiwi - means problems due to gullibility.
  • Selling kiwi means financial difficulties.
  • Buying kiwi in a dream is a sign of household chores.
  • Throwing away spoiled kiwi warns about failure in all areas of life.

Top-5 positive kiwi fruits dream meanings

  • Kiwi on the table symbolizes successful overcoming of difficulties.
  • Seeing kiwi in the refrigerator - is a symbol of a romantic acquaintance.
  • Washing kiwi - means receiving a profitable offer.
  • Peeling them promises the emergence of new hobbies.
  • Seeing someone treat you to kiwi promises an invitation to an interesting job.

Kiwi fruit symbolism

What is the spiritual meaning of kiwi fruit in dreams? Kiwi fruit is exotic and not commonly associated with everyday fruits. Dreaming of kiwi may symbolize a desire for something unique, different, or out of the ordinary in your life. It could be a metaphor for seeking variety and diversity.

Kiwi is known for its high nutritional value and health benefits. Dreaming of kiwi may be a positive sign related to your well-being. It could symbolize a focus on health, nutrition, or a desire for a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

The rough exterior and vibrant green interior of a kiwi may serve as a metaphor for inner beauty. Dreaming of kiwi could represent the idea that there is more to a person or situation than meets the eye, emphasizing the importance of looking beyond appearances.

Kiwi fruit is often eaten whole, including the seeds. Dreaming of kiwi may symbolize a sense of wholeness, completeness, or the integration of different aspects of your life. It could suggest harmony and balance.

The transformation from a hairy exterior to a smooth, juicy interior may be symbolic of transitions or changes in your life. Dreaming of kiwi might indicate a period of personal growth, renewal, or positive transformations.

The juicy and sweet taste of kiwi could be associated with sensuality and pleasure. Dreaming of kiwi might symbolize a desire for enjoyment, indulgence, or the pursuit of pleasurable experiences in your waking life.

The unique appearance and taste of kiwi may represent creativity and innovation. Dreaming of kiwi could indicate a desire to express your creativity, explore new ideas, or approach situations in a more imaginative way.

Sergii Haranenko
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