Watermelon Dream Meaning

Dream of watermelon

The symbol of watermelon seen in a dream has a number of different interpretations, both negative and positive. The Universal dreambook, for example, interprets a watermelon or especially full field of them as a very positive sign predicting success. The Classic dreambook considers that eating sweet juicy watermelon in a dream predicts success in different life spheres. If the fruit was big in your dream, the success will be big too.

If you had a dream that someone chewed juicy watermelon pulp, you will not be able to avoid disappointment. If you saw yourself eating watermelon with a loaf of bread, this means you will completely change your looks and work at your image. The coming metamorphoses will help change your fate for the better.

Some dreambooks consider watermelon a symbol of highest sexual pleasure. Eating it in a dream is a sign that you will soon have an overwhelming orgasm. The same plot can also mean burden of some problems or even unwanted pregnancy.

Buying a giant watermelon in a dream is a promise of heritage or big profit. The dreambooks predict lottery winning, salary increase or victory in some sports competition. If the watermelon was big in your dream, the financial gain will be big as well.

A dream when someone brought you watermelon as a treat is a symbol that somebody cares much about you and is worried that you are not paying any attention to his courtships.

If you treated somebody with a watermelon in a dream, you will get acquainted with a very interesting person. You should be ready for interesting and useful communication.

If you or someone else was cutting the hard watermelon peel into pieces, this plot means you will have a scandal with someone close to you.

According to Dr. Freud, if you were cutting the watermelon into pieces in your dream, this image is a reflection that you rarely get pleasure from sex, or do not receive it at all. You often have to simulate orgasm in order not to disappoint your partner. You should not blame yourself for this, it is better to talk sincerely to your partner and explain your needs and desires.

If a man sees watermelon in a dream, this can mean that his beloved one can refuse him. Another interpretation of such dream is numerous troubles and worries.

If a young girl sees watermelon in her dream, this symbol means that she will have an early marriage. The same plot can predict pregnancy for a grown-up woman.

A dream when you pick a big watermelon represents you as a sensual person who can easily bring her/his partner to orgasm.

Aesop’s dreambook interprets breaking a watermelon as making an abortion in real life.

According to Women’s dreambook, seeing watermelon in a dream is a sign of strong emotions (love, passion, lust). Pregnant women and those whose menstrual cycle is coming to an end often see watermelons in their dreams.

Watermelons can be a symbol of spiritual growth and the seeds may represent spirituality that can develop in your soul.

Unripe or rotten watermelons predict illness, Miller states. Seeing this, think seriously about how you can strengthen your immune system. If an ill person saw a dream about watermelon, he will recover soon.

Watermelon dream symbolism

Watermelons are often associated with refreshment and indulgence. Dreaming of watermelons may signify a desire for relaxation and enjoyment in your waking life. It could be a sign that you need a break or some leisure time to rejuvenate.

Watermelons are large fruits, and dreaming of them may symbolize abundance and prosperity. It could suggest that good things are coming your way, whether in terms of wealth, opportunities, or personal growth.

Watermelons are also known for their juicy and nutritious content. Dreaming of watermelons might represent a need for nourishment, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. You might be seeking something to satisfy your inner hunger.

Sometimes, watermelons in dreams can be a metaphor for hidden emotions. Just as you cut open a watermelon to reveal its juicy interior, your dream might be encouraging you to explore and acknowledge your own emotions.

Watermelons are often associated with summer, vacations, and fun times. Dreaming of watermelons may be your mind's way of reminiscing about past summer experiences or expressing a desire for a carefree and joyful atmosphere.

In some cultures, watermelons are associated with fertility. Dreaming of them might relate to the desire for creative expression or starting a family.

Sergii Haranenko
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