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Cockroaches Dream Meaning

The range of interpretations of dreams about cockroaches is unusually wide. The insects’ visit to a plate or bed personifies the envy of other people and the arrogance of the sleeper, who unwisely rejects someone’s offer.

The sudden appearance of cockroaches in a dream warns about coming changes and unwelcome guests who will bring ado into your life. Some dreambooks think that the plot reflects secret intimate fantasies.

According to Miller, if you saw a dream about cockroaches, you should stop the panic; the dreamer is not as helpless facing the circumstances as it seems to him. Now is a favorable period to solve a long-lasting problem. It is advisable to act independently, cooperation threatens to be unreliable.

Vanga gives interpretation for the plot about cockroaches in the house. If they move towards the ceiling, you will be able to gain profit from annoying worries. The shorter the route was the greater is the profit.

Sigmund Freud identifies roaches with minors. Chase and reprisal show the forbidden attraction. Watching the roaches reflects dreams of heirs. Domestic pet cockroaches talk about sexual dysfunction.

Abundance of cockroaches is a symbol of big profit without much effort. If you happened to see the cockroaches’ pestilence, the project that you started is under threat to be ruined.

If you caught a number of roaches by surprise and watched how they crawl away scattered; in reality, you should be more careful with finances. There is a high probability of bankruptcy due to your own fault.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of the plot depending on your actions:
  • Catching cockroaches - quarrels in the family;
  • When you manage to catch them in a dream, you get gratitude in real life;
  • If a cockroach wants to bite - well-being is not far off;
  • If you killed them in a dream, take care of your property in reality;
  • If they kept crawling after processing, this means you are in danger;
  • If you crushed them with your hands, you can expect a surprise;
  • If you had a chance to hit them with a slipper, things get out of control.

The fat cockroach in a dream can be seen by lovers of self-deception; a dried one promises unexpected help.

Roach eggs symbolize a new venture, the replenishment in the family. Larvae foreshadow success new project. Small roaches, the size of a flea or midge, promises gossip, slander.

A roach crawling on your body means required changes. The roach entangled in your hair is a symbol of doubts.

Sergii Haranenko

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