Locust Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dreamed of voracious locust? Often a dream suggests what awaits us in the future. By interpreting the main points of a dream correctly, some situations can be prevented and changed.

Locusts are able to quickly destroy crops and other vegetation; they sweep away in a matter of seconds what a person has been working on for months. Traditional interpreters predict illness, worries for your own future, petty, meaningless worries and empty chores for those who dreamed about it.

The image of swarming locust in the house appears in a dream if in reality you met an unceremonious person who, in a matter of days, can destroy what you have been building carefully for so long.

Freud's dream book testifies that a girl dreams of locusts as a sign of complete dissatisfaction with her sexual partner. He can give her a lot of negative moments and discomfort because of his impudence and tactlessness.

To crush arthropods in a dream, in particular, locusts or other pests, is a symbol of profit. Your financial situation should improve a lot in the coming days. If they attack you, be prepared for petty nagging from your management.

Miller's dream book claims that fighting locust in a dream is a symbol of improving your health. Confusion from meeting with a disgusting species of arthropods in a house, on the contrary, indicates the negative consequences of illnesses in reality.

The interpretation of dreams for a girl predicts parting with a dangerous, ungrateful and unworthy person. But only if she managed to crush a cockroach or locust in a dream.

Locust represents in a dream exacerbation of a chronic disease or fear for your future. Big locusts in a dream are a sign of serious competitive struggle. If you see locust on the field, this image predicts trauma at work.

If you saw locust in your parents’ place in a dream, this image predicts misfortune in the family. If you found the insects in your apartment, this plot indicates communication with a hypocritical person.

A lot of locust seen in a dream predicts an unfavorable life period. If the insect bites you, this means you will receive a reprimand from your boss.

    Top-5 negative interpretations of dreams about locust:
  • Locusts in the hair predict gossip about the dreamer's past.
  • Locust under your clothes - means intrigue from ill-wishers.
  • Eating locusts in a dream - brings minor troubles.
  • Catching it - means failure of plans.
  • If you dreamed that the locust flew into your mouth, this means misunderstanding in relations with loved ones.
    Top-5 positive meanings of locusts in dreams:
  • Fried locusts mean achieving the goal quickly.
  • Dried locust - predicts luck in business.
  • Crushing the locusts - improving your financial situation.
  • Spraying it with poison - means recovery after a long illness.
  • To see how a bird caught a locust in a dream means getting rid of enemies.
    Additional interpretations depending on insects’ color:
  • green locusts predict having to make a difficult choice;
  • gray locust - means overwork and apathy;
  • brown locust - represent sense of guilt for a committed offense.

Dream of dead locust predicts peace and tranquility. If you see in a dream how someone is holding locusts in their hands, this plot predicts catching a cold.

Sergii Haranenko
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