Losing A Child Dream Meaning

It feels terrible to lose a child both in reality and in a dream. But such night plot doesn’t always have a negative coloring.

    The dreambooks give short interpretations for dreams about losing a child:
  • If you lost a baby when you were at labor – symbolizes worries;
  • If a child got lost in a forest – problems and troubles;
  • Looking for your child in the city “jungle” – hard work;
  • Finding the baby that went missing – joy.

If you have not watched someone else's baby, and he is gone missing, this plot predicts loss of trust, according to Miller. If this happened to your child, the interpreters consider the plot just the reflection of your fears for him.

To dream about worries of losing a baby during pregnancy or childbirth? If this is a dream of a pregnant woman - this is a reflection of subconscious fear for the health of the future baby. For all other women, the loss of a baby during pregnancy is a display of their internal state.

Did you dream of embryo loss due to miscarriage? You have taken too many responsibilities.

If you lost a child that you do not have in reality, this symbol means you have to learn fight back when you face life difficulties.

If you lost a child in woods, this is a sign of minor problems if it was a small baby and big problems if the child was older. If you got lost and were looking for your son in the forest, this means you will have to search for decision how to get out of a difficult situation. Crying because you lost him and keep searching in the wood means you will need someone’s help in reality.

If you managed to lose your child and find him almost at once in your dream, this means troubles will take away a lot of energy from you, but their result will delight you, the Eastern dreambook predicts. And if you go on a search and the father managed to find him, then it is he who will bring you a lot of worries.

To lose a child on the street - you will be assigned a task that will require technical knowledge from you. The child was lost on the street of your city - you will be able to cope with the work yourself, for which you will receive a reward. If he was lost on streets of a city you do not know? You may need help and you will have to pay for it.

If you dreamed that the child got lost in a shopping mall, this means you should not neglect the job position you are being offered. Uninteresting at first glance, in the end it will be very profitable.

A woman who has lost a child in reality sees in a dream that she has forgotten a pram with a baby in a crowd of people - this is a symbol of the fact that in reality she is trying to forget the grief that has happened, blocking from it with exhausting work.

If the lost child was found and you felt joy in a dream, this plot promises positive emotions. To find the lost child on your own and cry from happiness - to the successful resolution of the controversial issue, the dreambook of pastor Loff predicts. But to find the loss and cry because of the stress is a sign of a difficult period, but with a happy outcome.

Sergii Haranenko
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