Losing Virginity Dream Meaning

What does it mean to lose your virginity in a dream? For a long time, interpreters of dreams have not been able to come to a consensus as to why people dream of the loss of innocence. Different oracles offer varied interpretations, from shame to getting rid of a load of problems. Therefore, in order to understand what the loss of virginity promises, the dream book advises you to remember under what circumstances it happened in a dream, and what emotions you experienced.

The Female dream book claims that the time has come to "pay the bills" deciphering why a mature married lady dreams of losing her virginity. Maybe a woman had some secrets that discredited her reputation in the past, and right now these secrets may become public knowledge.

And if a man dreamed of his own deprivation of chastity, which happened many years ago in reality, this means that he should analyze his life and try to change it somehow by correcting the mistakes of his youth.

    The Gypsy dream book considers loss of virginity in a dream from the point of view of the emotional state in the morning. Here's what to expect if, upon waking up, you felt:
  • fear and pain - you are afraid of getting into an awkward situation;
  • shame and frustration - try not to make spontaneous decisions for a while;
  • euphoria, physical satisfaction - everything that you have planned will come true on time;
  • unbridled fun - getting rid of troubles and problems;
  • the dream did not make any impression on you - you need rest or a change of activity.

If a young guy dreamed of deprivation of virginity, which he was watching, in order to understand why such a plot is dreaming, Miller's dream book recommends clarifying a couple of issues.

If the dreamer saw that the girl is not worried about the loss of virginity, she agrees to have sex, or even asks for it herself, then such a vision warns: the dreamer's beloved will be capricious and initiate quarrels.

And if a guy watched a scene of raping in a dream, this means he will become the cause of a conflict with his soul mate himself.

In the works of Antonio Meneghetti about the effect of a dream on a person, one can find such explanations for what the loss of virginity is about: this dream indicates that the dreamer has problems with self-esteem. She is prone to self-criticism and stiffness.

Simply put, having seen in a dream how she loses her innocence, the girl should understand that this is a kind of signal about the need to destroy the “inner armor”. Examine yourself, find the best features in yourself and make others notice them too.

For an innocent girl or boy, the dream about losing virginity is a clue that the behavior will not require correction and will not cause any complaints in the near future. You will be distinguished by prudence and responsibility, the Eastern dream book pleases with the interpretation.

And if the dreamer just recently ceased to be chaste, then the loss of virginity in a dream symbolizes girlish experiences and fears of adulthood. Don't worry in vain.

Why does a man dream that he forcibly deprives someone of his virginity? According to Tsvetkov's dream book, this means that in the coming days it will be difficult for the dreamer to establish any contacts and make new acquaintances.

But if sexual intercourse with a virgin was a mutual desire of both partners, then you need to wait a while. The changes will not take long to come.

Sergii Haranenko
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