Sex With Deceased Dream Meaning

Sex with a deceased person in a dream is explained by worries in real life. Sometimes this plot is interpreted as new beginnings, changes in personal life and business sphere.

Esoteric offer quite an interesting explanation of seeing a dream about sex with deceased. They think that this is a sign that someone from the outer world is not indifferent to you. The influence can be either positive or negative.

If the plot caused fear and disgust, this means you should get protected from energetic vampires. If your mood was good after such dream, this means you managed to get an unseen helper who will share his unique knowledge.

According to Freud, there is nothing frightening in a dream about sex with deceased. You will have a very unusual sexual experience which will result in complete change in your intimate life. Vanga’s dreambook promises a meeting with an authoritative protector.

The least optimistic interpretation is given by Miller. He predicts negative prognosis for newlyweds. The interpreter thinks that sex with a deceased person in a dream is a sign that they hurried with the wedding.

As for Longo, he thinks that if you saw such a dream, it is right time to make investments, sign agreements or treat yourself with something. The costs will pay for themselves only if the dreamer makes efforts without relying on third parties. New merchants will receive their first profit. But if you saw an alive person dead in your dream and had sex with him, this is a symbol of financial loss and disappointment in your business abilities.

    The relation between the dreamer and deceased will help you get better interpretation of the plot:
  • An acquaintance symbolizes tension in your relations with others;
  • A colleague means financial prosperity;
  • A barely known person predicts bad news from afar;
  • A prominent person represents fleeting connections;
  • Parents reflect your search of harmony and pursuit for ideal;
  • A spouse predicts big surprise;
  • A brother or sister means that an old conflict will end up with reconciliation.

Sex with a dead person in a dream, completely unfamiliar, abstract, fictional is interpreted as a forerunner of a strange erotic experiment, which is not to be regretted.

If there was an unknown deceased in your dream, you will have to change your plans because you will find a better option. If a bride sees such dream, she should beware of intrigues of her competitors and take a good care of her health during pregnancy. The plot also states that you sometimes like living in your memories.

If you had a dream about kissing and cuddling with a deceased, but without the act itself, this plot predicts joyful event. If your partner fell asleep naked after your sex, this is a good sign proving that the person found peace in the other world. If he fell apart or disappeared without any notice in your dream, you can be expecting a favorable period soon.

If the sex was kinky and perverted and caused negative emotions, the dreambooks predict illness. There is also high risk of breaking up with your beloved.

If the hero of the dream was a person who recently died, this plot represents your sorrow and memories about him. If a dead person looked like resurrected, this means you will be able to solve the problem or conflict. If you completely acknowledged that this was a corpse in a dream, this is a sign of small troubles.

How can you find out that a dead loved one became your Guardian Angel?

Sergii Haranenko
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