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Interpretation of a dream about raping

Even in a dream it is not easy to survive the moment of rape, the storm of emotions and the experienced fear can take away peace from a person for a long time.

The dreamer can play different roles in a dream about raping: he may be a victim, an observer or a direct aggressor. In all cases, such a picture in a dream speaks of disharmony of the person’s state of mind, experiences and the negative influence of external factors.

Often recurring dreams of cruelty, talk about the trauma suffered by a person in real life, as well as post-traumatic stress.

A single episode of plot where the dreamer is a victim of rape means is interpreted as a consumer attitude of his close people to this person. If such dream is seen by a young woman this is usually a sign of unnecessary relations with a man who perceives her as a convenient object only.

If a married woman saw a dream about rape attempt, this is a sign of moral discomfort in relations with her husband. It is quite possible that the man shows some aggressive features of character.

If the abuser has no face (or it can not be seen) in a dream, it means that the close people surrounding the dreamer try to control his life, impose their own rules and force him to do so as it suits them.

If a man became a victim of a rapist in a dream, this is a sign that people are using him in real life. This can be true both in the personal sphere (marriage of convenience) and in the business direction (profitable companion, excellent performer).

If a young woman sees a dream about raping, this can be a sign of unsolved conflict with someone she cares about.

Acting as a rapist in a dream is interpreted as the presence of an unresolved unpleasant situation or suppressed anger towards someone.

Being an observer of someone else’s rape is often interpreted by dreambooks as impotence and inability to help a person in distress. If you saw your friend’s raping, this is a sign of your anxiety about her and inability to help.

If such an image is seen often, it is triggered by the fact that in real life your friend has serious problems in relationships with her family (husband, father, aunts) or difficulties at work (litigation, strained relations with the boss).

If you saw an unknown person being raped, this is a sign showing your real worries about one of your relatives. He may be putting himself at undue risk or in a hopeless situation.