Sex With Female Friend Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of sex dreams about friends? You should not interpret dreams about sex with your friend only from the point of view of lust or the dreamer’s dissatisfaction. Very often such dreams just show spiritual unity with the person with whom you had sex in a dream.

According to Miller, if you saw such dream you will soon have an event that will make you look at your friend at another angle. It is likely that she will help you out in a difficult moment, and you will have a feeling of gratitude to her not known until now.

    If you saw a dream about sex with your female friend, you should remember where and how it happened so that you could understand the details of your dream:
  • At her or your place – sudden unexpected situations and surprises;
  • In plain sight – a scandalous situation around you and its unpleasant consequences;
  • In a quiet place – you do not completely open your soul to your friends and relatives;
  • In an inappropriate place for this – you shouldn’t wait for luck, build your life on your own.

If a man saw dream sex with his childhood girlfriend and enjoyed the process this means he misses old good times and their communication. And if you were disgusted or indifferent to everything that happened in your dream, then you should call this friend, because, most likely, she is offended at you.

If you had sex with your wife’s or girlfriend’s friend, this is a sign that you are not quite satisfied with the situation in your current relations. If the man saw himself resisting the flirting of his wife’s or girlfriend’s friend, this is a sign that he doesn’t mind having sex with her in real life.

If a girl had a dream about sex with her girlfriend’s husband or boyfriend, this plot reflects her anger to this person and she gets rid of it with the help of such images.

If a girl sees a dream about her girlfriend offering her sex (while she took her man away from the family in real life), this means she must show patience and perseverance in order to achieve what she wants; weakness will play against her, Longo’s dreambook states.

Sergii Haranenko
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