Many Cats Dream Meaning

Having learned what many cats mean in a dream, you will be armed with this knowledge, because their appearance in a dream is by no means harmless. When do they warn of insidiousness, and when do they promise support?

Seeing many cats in a dream also means you will be deceived by people you used to trust. Hissing cats with their backs up and ruffled hair are a sign of theft and robbery.

Seeing cats sleeping peacefully portends incomplete success in business. Seeing yourself surrounded by many mewing cats means that you are surrounded by unfaithful people who are ready to go to any betrayal for the sake of profit.

If you beat a cat in a dream - in reality you will hold responsibility for some offense. Eating cat meat is a sign of treachery and deceit.

The interpretation of dream images depends on their number. If there were a lot of cats and kittens, the dream books seem to reinforce predictions about one animal. If the furry creature is associated with affection, help with minor ailments, then a whole flock of cats and kittens warn in a dream of more serious troubles, substantial support.

The magical power that comes from these pets, adults and kittens forces interpreters to be very careful about explaining such dreams.

Many cats in a dream, which, according to Miller's dream book, appear to be not a good sign, should be especially alert if they behave unfriendly. Why do you dream that they are attacking or about to do so? Your enemy has prepared to strike from around the corner, try to predict his actions, and repulse the schemer. Beware of thieves.

If you dreamed that the cats were scratching and biting, then you won’t be able to avoid losses: it could be a monetary loss, damage to your authority, complicated relations. However, the dream book is not inclined to take even their gentleness in a dream at face value - it personifies the hypocritical flattery.

    Why do you dream of seeing many cats of similar color? In this case, the main information about the future is precisely the color - which cats have you seen?
  • Orange cats - lustful interest from the opposite sex.
  • Gray cats - envious, dishonorable people in your close environment.
  • Black cats - bad luck. But if a person perceives black kittens and cats as allies, fortune will be on his side.
  • White cats - for a man: a loyal lover; in woman’s dreams - a dangerous girlfriend.
  • Multi-colored in red-black-and-white spots - good luck.
  • Multi-colored stripes - inconsistency in actions, instability.

To see cats of unusual colors, for example, green cats – means an inexperienced lover will appear, red cats - you will find yourself in an absurd situation, yellow cats – people will be jealous of you for no reason.

As it often happens in the interpretation of evil signs, the beauty and ugliness of the members of the mewing flock of dream books are evaluated "from the contrary." Seeing very beautiful kitties is a reason to expect unpleasant surprises from fate. And only if you play with them in a dream, feed them, then such a plot will predict sensual caresses in reality.

Why people see many shabby, hungry, wounded cats in a dream – this plot means the black streak of life will be left behind. There is hope that if someone was seriously ill, there will be healing, especially if a large number of dead cats were seen in a dream. It is necessary to say especially about the dead: if you happened to kill cats in a dream and see them dead, the dream books promise an independent solution of all problems by the dreamer, without any help from others.

If you dreamed of many cats and dogs in the house - dream books advise to consider such different animals carefully. If they were friendly, this means that there are both loyal people and unprincipled people among your friends and partners. To feed all this pack in the house, including dogs, means that you can rely on your friends, and they will also receive your help.

Why do you dream of seeing a lot of cats in the attic? The attic personifies the inner world of a person, and such a variegated fluffy flock testifies to an internal conflict.

Dreambooks explain seeing cats in an apartment in a dream as external interference in your life. If they were seen in someone else’s apartment - perhaps the owners will cause trouble. The interpretation of the dream that occurs in the groom's room - the marriage will not be successful. To find them in a room at your home - a disease will affect some organ.

Sergii Haranenko
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