Feeding A Cat Dream Meaning

To feed the cat in a dream, to see its dishes, to cook food –means building harmonious relations with loved one, relatives, colleagues. At the same time, the animal itself is of great importance - its color, breed, size, and composition of the feed. Best of all, if you dreamed about food that the kitty was eating with gratitude.

People do not often have to cook meals for a black cat in a dream. If you happened to feed a black cat, get ready to enjoy meetings and gatherings with friends. Dreaming means the appearance of unexpected guests in the house, as well as unplanned trips of the dreamer himself.

    Miller pays attention to how you fed the animal:
  • From a spoon – purchasing real estate, big deals;
  • From a pipette – feasts, parties, corporate meetings;
  • Breastfeeding a cat – restoring relations with the beloved person, reconciliation;
  • Feed by force – set-ups from your friends, hypocrisy, envious friends.

To see a weak or sick pet, to give food from a spoon in a dream - to good purchases. Dream means a profitable acquisition, the end of a profitable project. It is even better if you dreamed that it was your best four-legged friend, who died very recently. Dream interpretation of Nostradamus, in this case, predicts a win in an important dispute.

Feeding a cat found on the dump represents getting a chance for success. Moreover, the more hungry cats surrounded you in a dream, the more attractive the proposals will be in reality.

Seeing a cat breastfeeding a baby-kitten is a sign speaking about caring for a loved one. Pleasant chores await everyone who dreamed of a purring mother. Most likely, you will take part in the pre-wedding rush, you will solve a lot of organizational issues.

Freud's dream interpretation, describing what dreams of feeding the cat with your own breast mean, adjusts the dreamer to a series of love affairs. It turns out that breast milk symbolizes stunning sex and a lot of pleasure.

Sergii Haranenko
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