Injured Cat Dream Meaning

What it means if you see an injured cat in a dream? A cat that is alive and healthy almost always symbolizes the machinations of your enemies; injured cats in a dream are usually quite a favorable sign. A dream about wounded cat means your rivals are losing their positions thanks to your decisive actions.

A cat in blood is an unfavorable sign with bad prognosis from the dreambooks. Your close relative will be hurt by his secret enemy and you will have to take part in his rehabilitation. A cat without tail is a threat that the dreamer may lose his independence. A homeless, old and sick cat is a symbol of unfulfilled desires. Such image predicts news about decay in business, financial problems and no welfare for the dreamer in the nearest future.

If you were beating a cat in a dream, this means that in spite of your efforts, no one will evaluate your work; you can get only ingratitude and reproaches. On the contrary, strangling a cat in a dream is a good sign. This means that you make all attempts to prevent gossip and rumors from spreading around your person.

Killing a cat means you will reveal an ill-wisher and slanderer in real life. In addition, the enemy is waiting for deserved punishment within the law.

There are different interpretations of an image of a dead cat in a dream. This can mean that you are struggling with your bad features of character and succeeding. Aesop’s dreambook gives negative explanation of a cat’s death in a dream: you will soon find out about a serious illness of someone close to you and this news will be a hard blow for you. But a dead cat that you killed yourself represents victory over your enemies; they will retreat very soon. Another interpretation of a dead cat is that you need to sort out your problems and current tasks; otherwise the obstacles will turn against you. A cat’s head is a foreshadowing of life changes, and it is only up to you to decide whether they will be positive or negative, you can change your own fate now.

Wounded cat says that someone needs your warmth and care. Also the enemy, who for a long time was an avid opponent of the dreamer, is ready to go to reconciliation and is waiting for a helping hand from him.

Sergii Haranenko
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