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Interpretation of a dream about many horses

The interpretation of a dreambooks about a herd of running horses in a dream is most often positive. Such dynamic and beautiful plot predicts a rapid move on career ladder.

Seeing a dream about a lot of horses means stability and success in business, protection of reliable and educated people.

According to the interpretation of the dreambooks, stallions and horses grazing on a dry pasture symbolize the dreamer's devoted friends, who, although not rich, are honest, and will always come to rescue.

If a young woman sees a herd of horses in a dream, she can be expecting a successful happy marriage soon.

A carriage with horses seen in a dream is a symbol of wealth, fame, and honors. The more horses were driving you, the more authoritative you will become. According to the dreambooks, a trio of horses harnessed to a carriage that carries the dreamer, and he enjoys a relaxed walk, reflect his laziness and awkwardness.

A dream about two horses symbolizes the multidirectional interests of the dreamer, his diverse nature, striving for perfection and ideal. This plot is especially favorable if the horses were of different colors and well-kept.

If the horse gave birth to a foal in a dream, this plot predicts good beginnings in business; all your endeavors will be fruitful. If the foal was running joyfully around his mother after the birth, this image predicts financial welfare.