White Horse Dream Meaning

A white horse in most dreams is an omen of positive changes, and its color indicates the pure thoughts of those close to you. However, in order to most accurately decipher the dream, it is recommended to remember as many details as possible - the gender and behavior of both the dreamer and the animal.

White horse dream meaning for women

If a girl sees herself riding a white horse in a dream, it means she will soon marry her loved one. In order for this significant event to pass without problems, you need to moderate your excitement and avoid negative emotional disturbances.

If the horse is grazing peacefully in a meadow in a dream, this means that in the near future you will meet a man who will turn out to be your soul mate.

Seeing your lover riding a white horse means the sincerity and loyalty of your chosen one in real life. Riding a horse yourself and at the same time feeling a sense of panic and fear – means starting a relationship with a man whose excessive jealousy can lead to a painful breakup.

Dreams in which a horse turns into any other animal in front of the dreamer’s eyes warn of a possible reckless act, which subsequently leads to the loss of a profitable deal.

A herd of horses for women of various ages symbolizes a happy life with their soulmate.

Why do men dream about white horses?

    The image of a white horse in dream books for guys has the following interpretations:
  • To see a healthy white stallion means to feel intense affection for a girl and not dare to open your feelings. To start a relationship with the object of your sympathy, you must show determination and originality.
  • Shoeing a fast white horse – means that thanks to your own perseverance and hard work, you will receive a significant monetary profit.
  • The animal calmly eats food from your hands – this means good health for many years or a quick recovery from existing diseases.
  • For men, several frolicking white horses in a dream mean an unexpected and pleasant meeting with old friends.

Interpretation of dreams about white horse by popular dream books

Here is the list of decoding from dream books of famous personalities.

Vanga. A well-groomed white horse is a good sign, symbolizing prosperity and good luck. Riding a white stallion means a coming addition to the family. The born child will have good health and many diverse talents. The image of a white horse on the horizon means coming good news or a pleasant meeting with an old acquaintance.

Miller. In a dream, riding a white stallion and seeing a body of clean water nearby means good luck. Riding a horse near muddy water is a sign of imminent problems that will not be easy to cope with alone.

Freud. For men, a white horse means uncertainty in choosing a life partner. For women, a dream involving this animal portends sexual dissatisfaction, which can lead to an early breakup. To save your relationship, try to tactfully explain your dissatisfaction to your partner.

Tsvetkov. If you dreamed of an adult white horse - in reality, the dreamer will try to independently solve the problems set by his superiors, which will most likely lead to such negative consequences as the loss of important clients and, possibly, even dismissal.

Many interpreters agree that seeing yourself sitting on a white horse in a dream means having sincere and devoted friends in a close circle. Admiring the beauty of a stallion means meeting a person who can change the dreamer’s usual ways of life radically.

The appearance and condition of the white horse

    In dream books, an important role is played by the condition and appearance of the white horse:
  • An animal that behaves calmly. Peace and comfort will reign in the family circle, and the dreamer will in the near future expect a meeting of his soulmate or a pleasant surprise from a loved one.
  • Wounded horse. Soon you will receive unpleasant news or unexpected problems will arise at work.
  • A horse that died due to the fault of the dreamer. This dream warns of excessive physical and mental stress, which can cause deterioration in health.
  • Wild white stallion. The dreamer will soon meet a person with whom a stormy and passionate romance will develop. How long this relationship will last, and what it will lead to, depends directly on you.
  • An unkempt and sickly horse indicates the presence of a false friend in your inner circle who spreads gossip behind your back. To avoid deterioration of relationships with loved ones, you need to take a closer look at new acquaintances.
  • Horse in the circus. The circus foal symbolizes self-doubt and critical dependence on the opinions of others. In order for life to change for the better, you should become more decisive, learn to bring all things to the end and, first of all, rely on your own opinion.

A harnessed white horse in many dream books indicates indecision in business - this is the main cause of problems in the work and personal sphere. Try to change your own worldview, and soon this will lead to recognition from management, improved financial well-being, or a meeting of true love.

Dream about white horse plot action

    The interpretation of the dream is also influenced by the behavior of the animal:
  • Galloping white stallion. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creative potential and propose creative ideas to management - this will allow you to get a long-awaited promotion and a well-deserved increase in salary.
  • A horse that fell while running. The shortsightedness and inattention of a sleeping person will cause serious financial problems. To avoid bankruptcy, you need to abandon rash projects, and also avoid entering into transactions with untrusted people.
  • A tied horse indicates the presence of many unresolved work ideas that are difficult to translate into reality due to external factors. To achieve success in all endeavors, you need to go towards your intended goal, despite the obstacles that arise. Family and close friends will help the dreamer with this.
  • An animal calmly chewing grass symbolizes the self-sufficiency of a sleeping person - this helps him find the optimal way out of any current life situation.

If you dreamed of a foal frolicking next to a white horse, good luck will accompany you at work, and quick meetings with relatives or friends will bring only joyful emotions to your life.

Running away from the herd means getting tired of the working and friendly environment. To gather your thoughts, it is recommended to spend some time alone with yourself.

The dreamer's actions with the white horse

    The meaning of night vision depending on the dreamer’s behavior:
  • Sitting astride on a white horse means making a profit thanks to help from relatives or friends. You should not skimp on gifts for these people - this will contribute to even greater profits.
  • Galloping on a white horse - existing life problems should be looked at from a different angle and this will help find the right solution. Riding a horse without using a saddle means maintaining your position at work and the respect of management, despite the tricks of ill-wishers.
  • To tame a horse means in reality to curb your rebellious temper in time and avoid serious problems.
  • Bathing a horse in a clean pond means the onset of a long streak of luck in reality.
  • Buying a white horse means receiving an unexpected monetary gain or meeting your true love.
  • Selling a white horse means missing out on the opportunity to make a big profit, due to your own shortsightedness.
  • Riding a horse into a room means committing a rash and inappropriate act that can lead to unforeseen consequences.
  • Petting a horse means successfully completing existing work projects and starting new profitable projects.
  • Running away from a white horse means getting sick for a long time and spending a lot of money to restore your health.
  • Feeling afraid of a white horse running towards you means an unconscious fear of any innovations. If you don't get rid of this, you could lose a very lucrative job offer.

Getting injured by a horse while riding means imminent difficulties in life, which will cause financial losses or lead to deterioration in relationships with a close friend.

The image of a white horse most often symbolizes fearlessness, fortitude, generosity and the ability to fully devote oneself to work to achieve goals. Dreams in which this animal is present often hint at the need to overcome your fears and show your strengths to your superiors - this will help you gain long-awaited recognition and material well-being.

Sergii Haranenko
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