Sick Horse Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of a dream of a sick horse? In reality, it will be possible to escape from undeserved retribution. The same image in a dream hints at a decline in affairs and a physical, spiritual crisis. The dream interpretation will tell you how to interpret the night vision correctly.

Any horse in a dream reflects the course of affairs and the general state of the dreamer, and also serves a symbol of strength, power, freedom.

If you dream of a sick horse, then the interpretation of the plot is quite eloquent: in reality you will find a period of decline in literally everything. Sometimes a horse dying of an illness conveys fears about the health of your closest people.

According to the dream book, to see a skinny emaciated nag means that in reality it will be hard to earn money on the most urgent needs.

What it means if you dream of a seriously ill horse? You will have to cooperate or even live with a terribly harmful person, and this will bring a lot of additional trouble.

Did you have a dream of a wounded dying horse? The dream interpretation predicts: your friends will get into big trouble.

In a dream, did a sick horse die and have to be buried? The plot alludes to bad news from someone you care about: there is a possibility that he will seriously fall ill and even die.

Why one dreams of a tired and driven horse? Her appearance claims that others are shamelessly using your kindness. Did you have a dream about a horse that is sick of hard work? Get ready for big business problems.

A nag dying in front of you eyes symbolizes in a dream a bad event that will happen through one's own fault. But if you are not lucky to see how it suddenly recovered and started galloping, then the dream book guarantees an unpleasant meeting with a long-standing enemy.

Did you see a sick horse in a dream? According to Miller’s dreambook, you should expect very sad news. This plot also hints at personal insecurity, doubts.

What is the meaning of a dream of having a ride a haggard horse? Dream Interpretation suspects that a promising project will literally "blow out" and will prove to be unprofitable.

If a tired horse stumbles under you, then get ready for failure, various obstacles. The same plot in a dream is an omen that a risky business will have negative consequences.

Did you dream that a thin exhausted horse fell and died? Night vision warns of complete ruin.

    Dream Interpretation strongly recommends recalling the color of an unhealthy horse.
  • White horse - the holiday will fail, luck will turn into a defeat.
  • Gray horse - means a stable position at risk.
  • Black horse - successful overcoming temporary difficulties.
  • Redhead horse - numerous chores, worries.
  • Light chestnut horse - wealth and happiness will not come soon.
  • Horse in spots - an unprofitable offer, lack of prospects.

If you had a dream of galloping a skinny and dirty horse, in reality you should expect betrayal from an envious comrade or cunning woman.

Why do you dream that a sick horse is dead? Contrary to expectations in a dream, this is a happy sign that promises prosperity and wealth in reality.

Did you see a dead horse? You may decide to move to a village and there you will find real satisfaction from being.

Sometimes a dead horse symbolizes a grandiose win. Dream Interpretation recommends recalling how far it was from you. If it was very far, then you can not win decent money yet. Seeing a dead body next to you means that you will be lucky in the coming days.

Sergii Haranenko
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