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Horses Of Different Colors Dream Meaning And Symbolism

A color of the horse seen in a dream plays an important role in night plot interpretation.

A brown or bay horse predicts a new faithful and reliable friend. According to the Women’s dreambook, if you were riding a bay horse in a dream, this is a symbol of career growth. But if the stallion kicks under you, then on the way to victory you will face serious difficulties.

A red horse in a dream predicts a number of obstacles and chores that will knock the ground from under your feet for a while; but in the end all the wasted forces and funds will be justified: you will receive a well-deserved reward.

A fiery red horse is a symbol of the dreamer’s intuition that usually never lets him down. But you should still follow the voice of clear mind, not your intuition, otherwise you can get enemies.

Red-haired horse in a dream is also a sign of irrepressible, expansive emotions. Most likely, you live on a whim, obeying more feelings than reason.

A white horse in a dream is a symbol of nobility, as well as honor or wealth. A dappled horse (dapplegray) can mean a varied, eventful life.

Seeing a dream about grey horse predicts acquaintance with a very strict and religious woman who will influence your life and maybe your fate.

A dream about silver horse speaks of your daydreaming and rich imagination. Riding it is a very good sign: you have every chance of achieving your goal, no matter how fantastic it may seem.

Running horses are a symbol of victory and noble aspirations; they predict the fulfillment of all cherished desires in the near future, the achievement of a long-awaited goal.

A horse with a foal in a dream means that the dreamer will very much yearn for his beloved person, with whom he will be separated for a long time.

Beautiful horses symbolize relentless vital energy of the dreamer that will help him fulfill his plans. A big horse, which is also rearing up, is a sign of protection from a very influential person.

A dream about a wounded horse predicts sad news from afar. The same interpretation has a dream about a sick horse. It can also predict losing life energy and, as a result, failure in your beginnings.

The dreambooks consider a pregnant horse a sign of problems caused by your own friends. They will need your help soon and you will have to put a lot of efforts not to leave them in trouble. The Chinese dream interpreters consider a pregnant horse a symbol of solving your problems soon. According to the same interpretations, an image of a talking horse is a symbol of a person’s rich fantasy.

A flying horse seen in a dream predicts success in all your beginnings thanks to your creative energy. You will face luck in all your endeavors very soon.

Dreaming about a horse with a mane to the ground means an unpleasant review about you by your beloved person.

Sergii Haranenko

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