Massage Dream Meaning

Interpreting the plot about massage the dream book examines the dreaming effect, taking into account the type of procedure and those parts of the body that were massaged. A dream is connected with attempts to impose one’s own opinion on others, and can also be caused by a manifestation of sexual interest in someone.

A Modern dreambook gives interpretation of back massage. So, to undergo a course of therapeutic procedures in a dream, aimed at massaging the back or legs, indicates a strong concern of the dreamer about his own health. Sometimes, you are so immersed in your own well-being that you forget to inquire about the health of loved ones.

If you dreamed that you get pleasure from a backrub or foot massage, this means that in reality you spend the lion's share of time and energy on dubious pleasures. Giving somebody a leg or foot massage promises a tiring, ungrateful work.

If a woman was massaging a man in a dream, this plot speaks of futility of trying to attract the attention of a person whom she considers handsome. A man who massages the feet of a girl promises an acquaintance that will end in intimacy.

Seeing yourself as a massage therapist who massages one’s head, according to psychologist Miller, foreshadows a change in an intimate partner. If you dreamed that being a massage therapist, you receive clients in your office, which means that in reality, you will have a good time in an expensive cafe or restaurant, in the company of an interesting person.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the type of massage:
  • Someone massages your head in a dream – someone imposes his opinion;
  • Neck rubs – you need to show vigilance in personal relations;
  • Someone was making heart massage – you will need a large amount of money;
  • Someone gave you hand rubs – you will receive timely help.

Eastern female dreambook explains the meaning of erotic massage in a dream. So, to experience the pleasure of this process, suggests the need to listen to the state of health. Dr. Freud explains this dream with the opportunity to reconsider one’s views on sexual relationships with the opposite sex.

To carry out erotic massage services to someone in a dream is considered a sign that your good intentions and goodwill may be misinterpreted by others.

Some interpreters take dreams about massage as a warning that you can be in an unpleasant situation when you relax and lose your vigilance. Some interpreters compare this plot with the need to deal with your bodily needs.

To see that someone carries out a massage - promises a meeting with distant relatives or people with whom you have met for a long time. To render such services to the character, according to the White Magician’s interpreter, predicts an event that will result in large financial costs.

Sergii Haranenko

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