Neck Dream Meaning

What does a neck symbolize in dreams? A lot of folk sayings are connected with the neck. They hang on it and sit on it, and even say that wherever the neck turns, the head will look there. Dream Interpretation usually associates a neck with parasitism, dependency and manipulation. Therefore, in order to correctly decipher the dream, you need to remember all the details of the plot.

Thick neck seen in a dream predicts unexpected wealth or luck, which will completely change the way of life. But if it is not only fat, but also short, then everything will be the other way around - you will get demotion at work, and your earnings will drop significantly.

The hair on the neck is a versatile symbol, which is interpreted depending on the length and color of the hair. If the hair is rare, rough and curly, then the dreamer will face misfortune. If the hair is standing up, and goosebumps go on your skin, this image means you will quarrel with relatives. Short or cropped hair seen in a dream advise you to avoid unnecessary spending.

Sitting on someone’s neck in a dream means that in reality you will not be able to provide for yourself. You may have to ask for money from loved ones. If your shoulders are occupied by a burden, then on the contrary, you will have to borrow funds.

According to Miller’s dream book, a hickey on your neck is a symbol of subconscious dissatisfaction with oneself, and your appearance in particular. Try to take more care of your appearance, love yourself with all the flaws, and then your attractiveness to others will instantly increase.

A man’s kiss in the neck in a dream is a reflection of desire for intimacy. Married women should pay more attention to their spouse.

If a lonely girl dreamed about a kiss in the neck, this means she should reconsider her priorities in promiscuous relationships with members of the opposite sex. Dream Interpretation warns that multiple fleeting romances will negatively affect her reputation, and lower her self-esteem.

A man who happened to kiss his beloved on the neck in a dream is subject to strong sexual feelings, and can not calm his violent passion. Let everything remain as it is, love your soulmate; many people dream that such passionate relationships last as long as possible.

A married woman who kissed a stranger on the neck in a dream should think about family relationships. It is better to discuss with her husband what nuances of an intimate nature do not suit her, and then thoughts of treason will no longer visit her.

For the young girl, whom the guy kisses on the neck, the interpreter prepared a special prediction: very soon, the man you like will take a decisive step towards more serious relationship, and finally show his feelings.

Acne on the neck in a dream is a sign of problems in the professional field. It is possible that misunderstandings can occur at work that will lead to demotion. If there are a lot of pimples, then you are threatened with dismissal due to a series of failures.

For those born in the summer, necklaces seen in a dream are a sign of acquisitions of some expensive and luxurious item. And people born in autumn, who saw such a dream, can count on a gorgeous gift from a loved one.

A scarf around the neck is a sign of unsatisfied sexual desires, the dreamer is looking for opportunities for intimate relationships, new bewitching acquaintances in reality. But if the scarf is warm, downy, then this is a sign of weather changes – and it predicts cooling.

For a young lady a necklace on her neck in a dream is a prediction about a very modest but sincere gift from a boyfriend. The Erotic dream book gives another interpretation - the necklace portends the dreamer the appearance of many fans.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, a necklace on the neck in a dream means impending failures on the love front. And Freud's dream interpretation interprets such a picture as the complete submission of the dreamer to his sexual partner.

A girl who saw a gold chain around her neck in a dream can expect a marriage proposal from a beloved man. For a man, a thick golden chain is an unfavorable sign. In reality, he is subjected to humiliation and manipulation by the fair sex.

The neckerchief seen in a dream, especially colorful and bright one, promises the dreamer a climb up the career ladder. But if the cravat was black, this means a severe, but treatable disease will overtake a member of your family.

If you dreamed of a gold chain on your neck, the Psychoanalytic dream book warns: not trusting your soulmate, you will never achieve spiritual harmony and peace with yourself. Stop being jealous and offended by trifles, and the love bond will become much stronger.

The snake on the neck seen in a dream is a symbol of betrayal of friends. Some individuals from your environment treat you differently than they show. Take a closer look at those who are engaged in sneakiness and do not give back money borrowed - such "friends" will not do anything good for you.

Tattooing on the neck in a dream means dependence on loved ones and this is incredibly depressing for you. Try to get a job, change the circle of communication, and do everything to get out of captivity, and being obliged to others.

If in a dream you have amole on your neck, but in fact you don’t have it there, this means a family gathering awaits you in reality. If you have such a mole, but in a dream its dimensions were much larger, then expect replenishment in the family. For girls, such a plot can predict pregnancy.

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Did the snake bite you on the neck? - wait for the betrayal of a loved one. The one you trust the most doesn't really deserve your respect. He weaves intrigue and spreads rumors behind your back. In addition, you should not trust your innermost to those about whom you are not at all sure, this will turn to be a problem later.

Aesop's explanation of a dream about blood from the neck is interpreted as a feeling of guilt in front of a relative. In the coming days, do not commit any reprehensible actions towards relatives, otherwise remorse will be so great that it will not allow you live in peace.

If in a dream a dog bites your neck, and you feel everything as if in reality - the sharpness of fangs, pain, this means in real life you will quarrel with a person you love, and the cause of the conflict will be an act that you didn’t commit, but people will accuse you of it.

A scar on the neck in a dream speaks of a tragic accident that will be associated with your emotional state. Deep depression will disturb your peace, and it will leave deep traces in your subconscious.

An injection in the neck is a symbol of gossip and slander about the dreamer. Beware, the rumors around you will be spread by a person close to you, and they will be able to deprive you of respect of others for a long time if you do not take any action to restore your reputation.

According to the Gypsy dream book, snapping one’s neck in a dream is a symbol of shame. If the incident in the dream happened by an absurd accident, this means you yourself will become the cause of your shame, and if someone broke your neck in a dream, this means you will become a victim of gossip in reality.

You will be burdened with requirements that you will not agree with if they stabbed you in the neck in a dream. Try to come to a peace agreement with someone who demands to fulfill their conditions that are unacceptable to you - you can always find a solution that suits everyone.

The interpretation of the dream in which you saw a bite in the neck depends on who bit you. If it was a person, this means you will quarrel with a friend, and if it was an animal, then there will be problems at work in understanding with colleagues.

You will miscalculate your plans and ideas if you see a cut on your neck in a dream. In the next few days, try to get away from serious matters and relax a bit. The same can be said about a broken neck - a period of failures and self-disappointment is coming, but it will end soon, and it will not be difficult to bring everything in order.

Sergii Haranenko
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