Narcissus Dream Meaning

A daffodil in a dream represents selfish features of character. The dream interpreters also consider this image a warning about difficult relations with your partner, about his secrets from the dreamer. Sometimes this sign promises pleasant surprises and successful period. The dream plot about narcissus represents your unwillingness to communicate with people a lot. Right now this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience, but when you get tired of loneliness, there can be no one to talk to.

If you saw a dream about picking up narcissus in your garden, this symbolizes your wish to help your friend; the sincere conversation will gradually turn into closer relations. A yellow narcissus is a sign that your partner is hiding something that can upset you. Mostly probable his secret is his adultery. A yellow flower can also symbolize a narcissistic person in your surrounding who likes to spread and collect gossip. You should try being less sincere.

Getting a bouquet of daffodils promises a pleasant surprise from the dreamer’s partner. White flowers predict life changes. You will have a successful period and your energy potential will be pretty high. If you were presenting these flowers to somebody in your dream, this image is a sign that you have to cope with your partner’s selfishness. You continue these relations because you are afraid to remain alone. A narcissus can represent a very selfish person in your surrounding and the dreambooks advise limiting your communication with him.

    If you see tulips and daffodils together, this sign means that someone of your friends cares only about his welfare. You will never get help from this person if required. The details of the dream will give you better explanation of what you saw:
  • If you were putting the flowers’ bulbs in the ground – you judge someone for his indifference to others;
  • Plucking out narcissus – you will be in danger because of your own arrogance;
  • Buying flowers – you are unsuccessfully trying to attract attention of a person who is absolutely no good for you;
  • Selling flowers on the market – your fantasies and dreams overcome your opportunities, you should consider your wishes better.

As for Miller, he considers that an image of a daffodil reflects the dreamer’s selfishness; he prefers to be alone and doesn’t suffer from this. The flower is a symbol of spring that is why it can also represent renovation and revival. Cutting the flowers predicts some troubles; but a successful solving of the problems is quite possible. Drawing narcissuses is a good sign promising getting heritage soon.

Sergii Haranenko
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