Buying Flowers Dream Meaning

If you had to buy flowers in a dream, do not rush to forget about this night vision. The dream interpretation believes that it has very great meaning. But only its correct decoding and additional details will help you understand what this interesting dream is about.

At first, the dream book recommends getting a transcript of the action itself, which is basic in this case. Buying something in a dream is a sign of future changes, consciously chosen by the dreamer.

It is very important that at the time of purchase you give money or something else for it. According to the dream book, this means that you "paid off" for your future, that is, you received it deservedly. This means that any life changes will be the result of your own actions.

The place where you happened to buy flowers is of great importance in the interpretation of a dream. Why, for example, do you dream that you bought a bouquet at the cemetery? The churchyard itself is traditionally a symbol of long life and excellent health. And if you dreamed that you bought the flowers at the cemetery, then consider that you have averted a serious illness or danger. But only if in a dream the bouquet was made of living plants.

But buying artificial flowers for laying them on a cemetery is considered an unfavorable sign by the dream book. Especially if the flowers were waxy-white. After you have had such a dream, you should take care of your health and safety.

Buying fresh flowers in an expensive store promises a change in lifestyle towards improvement. And if you dreamed about a small and dirty shop, then according to the dream book, this suggests the opposite. If the purchase took place on the market or right on the road, this means you should not rush to take radical measures in reality.

To understand why you are dreaming that you bought flowers, it is worth remembering exactly what they were. For example, live inflorescences are always a symbol of emotions, feelings and spiritual aspirations. Artificial bouquets in a dream personify hypocrisy; field flowers – mean loss; indoor plants – symbolize hope; hothouse flowers – mean gain.

At the same time, the dream book gives indoor plants another meaning. In a dream, they symbolize the hearth. If you happen to buy flowers in pots, this means everything is fine in the family. If they wilted and withered, then the dream book strongly recommends that you take care of your family members immediately.

Why does someone dream of buying potted flowers? This indicates some artificiality, which means that in reality you are deliberately hiding your true feelings and emotions. The appearance of the plants in pots makes it clear if this is successful.

You definitely need to remember what color and type the inflorescences were. This will help define the future more accurately. For example, buying white flowers – is a symbol of sadness and blues, red flowers – is a sign of passion and love, blue flowers - mean knowledge, black flowers - symbolize mourning or an official celebration.

In turn, aster speaks of the collapse of all dreams, cornflowers promise good changes, dahlias in a dream predict well-being in everything, and geranium guarantees an addition to the family. Jasmine in a dream may be a symbol of falling in love, a blooming cactus - predicts relocation, hyacinths - mean separation, primrose - brings quarrels and scandals, and a sunflower - predicts hot passions.

And if you dreamed that you happened to buy flowers of an incomprehensible but gorgeous look, then your life will be just as bright and ambiguous.

What does a primrose mean in a dream? If you see a primrose in a dream - get ready for trouble; and whether they will be big or not, it all depends on how you treat them yourself. If you see in a dream that the primrose has blossomed - it is a bad dream, your affairs will decline, and the family will fall apart; you will look for the one responsible for your misfortunes and you will not find it, because you do not know how to look inside yourself.

If you collect a bouquet of primroses - the friendship that you have always valued so much is in danger.

Sergii Haranenko
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