Ostrich Dream Meaning

The ostrich that you happened to see in a dream, according to the dream book, is considered a harbinger of unexpected obstacles, clashes with unpleasant personalities. Also, this bird in dreams may reflect bad character traits of the dreamer himself, which prevent him from finding common language with the people around him.

The Wanderer Dream Interpretation describes what a dead ostrich means in a dream as evidence of minor troubles that will be resolved on their own soon. Seeing a dead ostrich, according to Loff, means a series of failures, decline in strength and spirit.

Esotericists have a completely opposite meaning in the interpretation of a dream. A dead ostrich whom the dreamer killed with his own hands means victory over his own laziness and shortsightedness. If in a dream you had a chance to kill a baby-ostrich, be careful in communicating with others.

For those who have seen a lot of ostriches, the White Magician's dream book advises you to wait a while with making important decisions. If you dreamed of a mother-ostrich surrounded by baby-ostriches - pay attention to your loved ones. Running ostriches in a dream are a sign of chaos in the thoughts and actions of a sleeping person.

Seeing a lot of ostriches in a dream is a harbinger of a dangerous enterprise or trip.

    Those who do not like to search for the causes of failures in themselves will be disappointed in the explanations of the ostrich in dreams of in Miller’s dream book. So:
  • to see an ostrich is evidence of your spiritual unscrupulousness;
  • to watch a running ostrich in a dream - your secret desires can harm your reputation;
  • to catch it - promises a pleasant journey;
  • ostrich feathers - evidence of false illusions;
  • a dreaming about an ostrich egg is a sign of embodiment of ideas.

A vision in which they came to see an ostrich egg is favorable for women. Girls who dream of becoming mothers can have no doubt why such a plot is seen - this is a portent of the imminent conception. But the feather of a bird symbolizes insincerity and lie in a relationship with a man.

If you dreamed of an ostrich egg, this also means that you are indulging the weaknesses of your friend or acquaintance instead of helping him, supporting him in word and deed.

A running ostrich, according to the Small Dream Book, is considered the threshold of success. Do not hesitate, all your efforts will pay off handsomely. For ambitious people, such a picture announces promotion on the career ladder.

If you dreamed that the ostrich is biting you or beating you with its feet, this means that in reality you should be extremely careful in communicating with others. Your words or actions will be taken critically at this stage. If you become a witness of how a bird eats and pecks food or grass, this means in the near future your financial affairs will improve and go uphill.

According to Freud's dream book, the ostrich in a dream indicates the hypocrisy and insincerity of a dreamer in a relationship with a soul mate. You intentionally seek cause for contention with a love partner, preferring to console your ego and vanity with fleeting intrigues.

The Modern combined dream book compares an ostrich in a dream with the subconscious fear of a sleeping person to go beyond his psychological comfort. You deliberately avoid situations in which you feel insecure.

Top-5 negative ostrich dream meanings

  • An aggressive ostrich symbolizes the risk of becoming a victim of violence.
  • Running ostrich - warns of a nervous breakdown.
  • Dead ostrich - predicts depression.
  • Seeing an ostrich burying its head in the sand indicates an unwillingness to take responsibility.
  • If it hatches chicks, this means useless pastime.

Top-5 positive dreams about ostrich

  • A white ostrich in dreams is a sign of outdoor recreation.
  • Black ostrich - predicts signing a profitable deal.
  • Catching an ostrich means your dream will come true.
  • To tame an ostrich - is a sign of bright impressions.
  • Riding it is a symbol of wealth.

Symbolism of ostrich in dream

Ostriches are known for the myth that they bury their heads in the sand. Dreaming of an ostrich might symbolize avoiding a situation or ignoring a problem instead of confronting it.

Ostriches are powerful and swift runners. Dreaming of an ostrich might symbolize resilience, speed, or the need to persevere through challenges.

The ability of an ostrich to hide its head might symbolize hidden strengths or untapped potential within oneself.

Ostriches are sometimes seen as timid birds. Dreaming of an ostrich might represent feelings of fear or shyness in a particular situation.

Dreaming of an ostrich might signify a desire to explore the unknown or to be more curious about certain aspects of life.
Sergii Haranenko
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