Kangaroo Dream Meaning

Kangaroo dream meaning

Many dreambooks interpret a kangaroo seen in a dream very cautiously, identifying a marsupial animal with a dangerous and strong adversary. Some dreambooks identify this mammal with a beloved woman, indicating loyalty and selflessness of the significant other. In this interpretation, the dreams of a kangaroo and its joey symbolize a coming replenishment of the family.

What is the dream interpretation of a kangaroo? Some interpreters consider that this image predicts unusual events in the nearest future. Besides that, a kangaroo in dreams can be a symbol of victory over ill-wishers.

Feeding a kangaroo and a joey expresses the dreamer’s willingness to have a family and an offspring.

To feed a kangaroo in a dream is also a sign of temporary reconciliation with the enemy. The Ancient French dreambook interprets this dream as a precarious situation and unforeseen family troubles.

A dead white kangaroo is a harbinger of the collapse of some great and creative ideas. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, one should enlist the support of influential people.

If you dreamed that a kangaroo is attacking and you are powerless under its pressure, this means that you will have to endure the failure of your own plans and major troubles, due to the insidious plans of an important person.

If you won the fight with a kangaroo, this plot foreshadows success in an important and dangerous business and victory over the enemy. To kill a kangaroo in a dream means an unconditional gain in a difficult undertaking. To remove skin from the animal in a dream is a celebration of an irrefutable victory over ill-wishers.

The Modern dreambook gives interpretation of a fight with an albino kangaroo. The white animal, despite its association with purity and innocence, denotes a tendency of someone close to you to betray.

Trying to catch up to the kangaroo in a dream, testifies to the imaginary values and the inexpediency of the behavior of the dreamer, who is wasting his energy on the realization of illusory plans in reality.

To see a baby kangaroo is a symbol meaning you have to pay attention to your own children. Building grand plans for the future of your baby, you need to take into account not only your own ambitions, but also listen to what the child really wants.

Transporting kangaroos in a dream shows the dreamer’s inclination romantic adventures and love hobbies. To deliver a kangaroo with cubs means it's time to settle down and start a family.

If you saw or fed a kangaroo in a cage, this means you need to give-up fantasies and get back to the ground, because your fantasies have nothing to do with reality.

Seeing the skin of a kangaroo as an interior decoration promises disturbing memories of past ordeals.

If someone treated you with a dish from kangaroo tails, this means your wastes should be reduced by half, because in most cases they do not bring benefits.

Brief kangaroo dream interpretations

  • white wallaby - means help from a friend;
  • black kangaroo - warns of business losses;
  • pregnant roo - fear of difficulties;
  • small kangaroo - a successful investment of money;
  • dead kangaroo - predicts doing hard work;
  • seeing a kangaroo in a cage - means an unfavorable combination of circumstances;
  • dream of a roo at home - indicates trouble;
  • kangaroo walking freely - means communicating with an insincere person;
  • seeing it in your arms - means concern about the health of relatives.

What was the roo doing in your dream?

  • biting kangaroo - a quarrel with family members;
  • kangaroo attacks - warns of an accident;
  • jumping/hopping kangaroo - senseless waste of money;
  • kangaroo giving birth - means bankruptcy;
  • kangaroo has bitten someone - trouble due to the intrigues of enemies.

How did you interact with a kangaroo in a dream?

  • seeing a kangaroo on a leash is a sign of vain worry;
  • stroking a kangaroo - attempts to correct mistakes;
  • eating its meat means loneliness;
  • playing with a kangaroo means moving to another city;
  • feeding a baby kangaroo means self-doubt;
  • hugging a kangaroo predicts parting with a loved one;
  • catching it - warns of difficulties at work;
  • giving birth to a kangaroo - bright impressions;
  • saving a kankaroo joey may mean illness;
  • killing it - predicts a nervous breakdown.

Symbolism of a dream about kangaroo

Kangaroos are known for carrying their young (joeys) in their pouches. Dreaming of a kangaroo may symbolize maternal instincts, caregiving, or a desire for protection and nurturing.

Kangaroos are famous for their hopping. Dreaming of a kangaroo jumping could signify a desire for more mobility or the ability to leap over obstacles in your life.

Kangaroos are well-adapted to their environment. Dreaming of them may suggest a need to adapt to a new situation or environment in your waking life.

Kangaroos are also known for their self-reliance. Dreaming of a kangaroo might reflect a desire for more independence or self-sufficiency.

Kangaroos are associated with balance and equilibrium. Your dream might be indicating a need to balance various aspects of your life more effectively.

In some cultures, kangaroos are seen as unique and fascinating creatures. Your dream may be related to your creative side or a need to express your uniqueness.

If you dream of a kangaroo running or hopping away from something, it might symbolize your desire to escape or evade a particular situation or problem.
Sergii Haranenko
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