Being Pecked By A Bird Dream Meaning

If a bird pecked you in a dream, you should get ready for promotion at work, sudden enmity, a brilliant discovery or other extremely unexpected event. The dream interpretation will tell you why such unusual behavior of birds is seen in a dream.

Did you dream that a bird suddenly pecked you? A flash of creative energy awaits you. Simply put, an absolutely terrific idea will come to your mind.

If in a dream you were attacked by poultry, this dream plot means there will be worries and family troubles. For a woman, a dream book promises a short-term illness or a minor quarrel with a friend.

What does it mean if an exotic bird pecked you in a dream? This literally means you need to dream or remember the past less. You should live today.

If you happened to see a bird with a rather unusual beak, the dream book promises enchanting success and a favorable, but extremely non-standard solution to problems.

Did you have a dream about a bird pecking you? A period of prosperity is coming, but if it was a predatory bird, then you are in serious danger of an accident or an incurable disease.

The interpretation of a dream is exacerbated if in a dream the birds literally pecked at you or even took you somewhere.

What is the meaning of a dream if a bird with a beautiful feathering pecks you? Miller's dream book predicts happiness and prosperity. For women, he guarantees new love and even coming marriage.

The dream interpretation recalls: in order to give an accurate definition of a dream plot, it is necessary to establish a bird species.

Did you have a dream of a pigeon “kissing” you lightly? You will have the perfect lover or amazing groom.

If a bird of a family of predators or scavengers pecked you, this means you will get the opportunity to spend relatively big money just for fun.

What is the meaning of a dream of a raven trying to peck out your eyes? Beware of people who have recently shown extreme courtesy.

You can see the attacking seagulls as a symbol of a nervous breakdown and mental discomfort. If birds of prey attacked in a dream, a very strange case will help you avoid troubles.

Did you dream that a waterfowl pinched you? Dream Interpretation believes that you put your own interests above the well-being of other people.

Why dream of such inadequate behavior of domestic chicken? In reality, you can improve your financial situation by increasing your income (most likely, you will increase your salary).

    The dream interpretation recalls that it is necessary to note the spot where the bird pecked you.
  • In the head - happiness, a brilliant idea.
  • In the hand - unexpected love.
  • In the eye - an inadequate or illusory look, betrayal.
  • In the shoulder - the revival of hope, good news.
  • In the stomach - the birth of a child or, conversely, death.
  • In the leg - meeting, profit.

If in a dream a white bird encroached on you, this means joy and peace of mind will come. Black birds always promise something tragic and bad, and also indicate demonic influence on the dreamer or his life.

Why dream of an attack of an entire bird flock? In reality, this means opposing collective opinion, human envy and anger.

Did you have a dream that sparrows pecked at you? A period of endless worries and painstaking work is coming. It’s a bad sign to see attacking ravens in a dream. They portend social upheaval and even war.

The attack of pigeons in a dream symbolizes a meeting with good friends, geese pecking – mean disease, and other small birds – represent empty promises.

Sergii Haranenko
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