Naked Person Dream Meaning

Traditional dreambooks have various interpretation of nakedness in dreams. The most ancient of them state that seeing a naked person implies to sickness and spoiled reputation. Luckily this interpretation usually concerns not the dreamer himself, but the person whom he saw in a dream.

According to Miller’s dreambook, seeing a good acquaintance or your beloved naked will reveal some shameful truth. There will be some misunderstanding between you two and you will not be able to avoid it. It is an unfavorable sign if other people were looking at each other’s naked bodies with interest.

Naked person brief dream meanings.

  • Seeing yourself naked brings illness;
  • Dream of your beloved one naked – unpleasant truth;
  • Seeing a deceased relative without clothes – weather change;
  • Unknown person naked – losing reputation;
  • A deceased relative or neighbor nude symbolizes weather change;
  • The weather change will be certainly towards cold if you thought the person felt cold. The same dream may mean general change of climate for the dreamer which implies a long business trip or change of place of living.

Seeing your relative’s naked buttocks or other body parts will bring gossip. If you saw an unknown person naked and bold, the dream means it will be you who loses the reputation. For a married woman seeing naked body parts symbolizes losing not only reputation, but income source as well. If you were naked in a dream, tried to hide from others and felt cold, the dreambooks advise take care of your health, because there is a chance to catch a cold.

If you saw yourself without clothes in a dream, this may be a sign of your dissatisfaction with the environment. Besides that dreaming that you were naked may predict getting rid of fears.

The dream dictionary gives brief dream meanings of being nude depending on the plot details.

  • being naked in the bathhouse - fun pastime with friends;
  • seeing yourself naked in the shower - means overwork;
  • being nude on the street - loss of reputation.
  • to see yourself naked in the mirror - indicates your desire to change your lifestyle;
  • to be bare-chested among people - a sea voyage.
  • if you dreamed of being undressed and pregnant - replenishment the family;
  • seeing yourself nude and beautiful - promises a love adventure;
  • being naked and thick - means lack of confidence in your attractiveness.

Top-5 negative dreams of being naked.

  • Being naked in a church is a dream warning about an accident.
  • If you had no clothes on at the doctor's - health deterioration in the near future.
  • Seeing yourself nude on the stage - is a sign of financial losses.
  • Being naked and drunk means losing an argument.
  • If you dreamed you were naked and dead - means being late for an important meeting.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about seeing yourself with no clothes on?

  • Running naked is a dream speaking of sudden joy.
  • Posing nude in a dream - promises the implementation of creative ideas.
  • Sunbathing naked - means visiting an interesting event.
  • Being naked and muscular promises a good change in your personal life.
  • Trying to hide your nakedness in a dream - promises a long-awaited rest.

What was someone who was naked doing in your dream?

  • running naked barefoot on the ice - finding a new job;
  • a naked person getting married - means overcoming financial difficulties;
  • covering yourself with a towel - predicts renewal of old love relationships;
  • dancing with your son without clothes - means rivalry with an influential person;
  • washing your hair being naked - minor troubles;
  • to go into the water in the frost being naked - predicts inheritance;
  • walking nude along the corridor - sign of sexual dissatisfaction;
  • to wash in public - warns of the loss of a large amount;
  • defecating naked in public - predicts a conflict situation at work;
  • sitting behind the wheel with no clothes on - brings creative success;
  • running naked after a UFO - a decrease in performance;
  • pouring cold water on your naked body - symbol of sadness;
  • being nude and shaving your legs - means betrayal on the part of your partner;
  • beating a naked lying person - means receiving a prize;
  • watching your sister dancing without clothes - means winning the lottery;
  • stroking your nude ass - promises fun;
  • hugging someone naked - warns about deterioration in relations with your loved ones;
  • talking to a naked girl looking in the mirror - means shame;
  • soaping one's genitals - means emotional burnout;
  • looking nude at someone's balcony from below - indicates the risk of being in an awkward situation;
  • putting on a pair of shoes while you are naked - a viral disease;
  • being naked and scratching your back - promises a new romance;
  • jumping naked - promises appointment to a leadership position;
  • kissing a washing person - means monetary reward;
  • to stand naked in an almost empty bus - means a business trip;
  • to watch what is happening outside the window being naked - increasing one's efficiency;
  • running naked around a tree - means healthy lifestyle;
  • dressing and being shy - promises a useful acquaintances;
  • crying being naked - sign of overwork;
  • sitting naked next to a fire - a short separation from loved ones;
  • hiding in the house with no clothes on - promises well-being;
  • undressing a loved one - increasing income;
  • sitting naked on the toilet - means health problems due to weak immunity;
  • finding wounds on your naked body - means purchasing real estate;
  • to see your nude reflection in the mirror - means joy;
  • to climb to the top of the mountain with no clothes on - to prosperity.
Sergii Haranenko
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