Crayons Dream Meaning

What is the colored pencils dream meaning? Colored pencils, markers in a dream symbolize our emotions. Seeing crayons either sharpened or completely new is always good. It is worse if you dreamed about a broken crayon. Such a dream means the collapse of the dream, or temporary obstacles. Modern dream books explain why one has a dream about a box of new crayons taking into account the actions of the dreamer.

Common interpretations from Miller's dream book

Psychologists believe that creative people who do not have complexes and problems can see bright colors in a dream. To pick up felt-tip pens, paints, or crayons, drawing with them means gaining everyone's attention and bathing in the rays of glory. Even if you dreamed that they did not have catchy shades.

    Why do you dream of colored pencils in a glass? Psychologist Miller interprets this dream based on their brightness:
  • red crayons - symbolize joy, good mood;
  • blue crayons in a dream - mean dull, monotonous work;
  • dream of black crayon - sign of despondency;
  • white crayon - love adventures, romance;
  • yellow, green pencils – symbolize entertainment.

Do your best

Seeing well-sharpened colored pencils in a dream is a sign of success in almost all areas of life. It is even better if you dreamed that they were presented or planted to you secretly. Such a gift means making a profit where no one else expected it. In addition, Tsvetkov's dream book indicates the rapid progress of projects, climbing the career ladder.

A lot of diverse work that will bring considerable dividends – this is exactly what gray, blue, lilac and purple crayons mean in dreams. If you had a chance not only to see them, but to draw something on paper, draw diagrams - get ready for a serious report to your bosses.

Don't forget to dream

Buying paints, crayons, felt-tip pens in a dream means coping with a hopeless situation that has haunted you for more than one week. Everyone who dreamed of an acquisition of a coloring book in addition is a lucky person. Modern dream books reduce the interpretation of the dream to wonderful mood, which will help you solve problems of any complexity.

Freud's dream book, explaining what colored pencils symbolize in dreams, recommends paying attention to the level of their sharpening, the hardness of the shaft, graphite. Sharp and long crayons predict passionate sex, renewal of relations with a former partner. The short and dull ones symbolize the fading of passions.

Take care of your health

The famous healer Vanga considers crayon colors in her own way and gives the following interpretation: the more saturated the colors, the more health and personal strength the dreamer will have. It turns out that in the coming days a person will be able to get out even from chronic diseases.

The seer promises a temporary energy decline only for those who happened to find and consider only dull pencils tones. Her dream book warns against long trips, hard physical and mental work. Seeing colored pencils in a dream and not using them means missing out on a rare chance.

Sergii Haranenko
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