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Dream of perfume

What is perfume dream meaning and symbolism? Seeing all kinds of perfumes in a dream means that in reality you will be charming and inaccessible to men. Feeling perfume aromas promises a love story with a happy ending. Seeing yourself in a dream as a saleswoman in a perfume store - means you will incur completely useless expenses.

Smelling perfumes with a delicate scent in a dream portends exciting adventures in the company of old friends. Using perfume - you know the value of yourself and your friends. If you dream that you deal with women who use perfumes that are unpleasant to you - means in reality you exalt your intelligibility in people almost to your best quality.

Any smell that you feel in a dream usually means a certain image of a person or a certain event.

To get a dream perfume as a gift from a man - predicts pleasures that will be associated with some risk. This dream is also interpreted as a symbol of the fact that a person who the lady is indifferent to is trying to win her heart.

If you dreamed that perfume is a gift from a beloved man, this means there will be entertainment and pleasure in your life. To give perfume to anyone - because of your fault, relatives will have to do useless business. The dream book explains this dream as foreshadowing of future troubles or disappointments in love. If you were presented with perfume in a dream - in reality wait for a declaration of love. Another explanation of this dream is - the beginning of big business, which will be associated with many troubles.

Buying perfume in a dream is a symbol of need to assess the situation soberly. Perhaps you amuse yourself with vain illusions. Depending on the characteristics, this dream may also foreshadow future exciting events and pleasant experiences.

Seeing another person buying perfumery means that your plans will not be fulfilled even though everything is going smoothly.

If you had to choose perfume in a dream, this means you will have to make choice between something nice and unpleasant.

Giving cologne in a dream - means you will rise in the eyes of your loved one thanks to your unique and vibrant personality. To smell a good cologne from your lover - you will be appreciated by him for his enduring care and attention, courtesy and affection.

Buying cologne - your cherished dreams and aspirations will not come true, no matter how much you want it. Refusing the cologne offered to you by the saleswoman and leaving the store, which does not have a decent choice, empty-handed - such a dream will turn away from you an obsessive personality that you did not know how to get rid of. Spilling cologne - predicts complications in love.

Miller interprets dreams about perfume in different ways. A gentle smell means a happy adventure. But too strong aroma is an evidence of spiritual anxieties. Taking a scented bath means the experience of exciting events in life. If you were pleased to bathe in it, this means you will feel happy in reality.

Spilling perfume is a rather sad sign; most likely, you will lose a source of pleasure in reality. If you dreamed that you smelled perfume or toilet water, get ready to hear from your loved one. Also, you can expect a long-awaited meeting with him. But, if the flavor is too strong and even unpleasant, then intrigues await you.

If a girl dreams of perfume or perfumery, the interpreters gives hope that she will have a happy marriage in the future. And it will happen very soon. If the lady-dreamer is married, this plot promises just good events in reality.

To dream of a whole bottle of perfume means getting some nice gift. But the broken bottle is treated by the dreambook of Aesop as an unpleasant sign. Mostly probable your wishes will not come true.

The scent of male perfume is interpreted by dreambooks as positive sign. This means the presence of a strong and wise man in the life of a woman. Women’s perfume has more negative meaning. The dreambooks recommend taking care of your own health and emotional state. There may be weakness, blues, general malaise, gloom and sadness.

Top-5 adverse perfume dream meanings

  • Women's perfume in the bedroom speak of jealousy towards a partner.
  • Perfume in the store - may mean unplanned expenses.
  • Buying women's perfume - means participating in a dubious project.
  • Finding perfume may symbolize a loss through your own fault.
  • Seeing someone spraying women's perfume is a sign of intrigue in the team.

Top-5 auspicious dreams about perfume

  • Women's perfume with citrus scent may symbolize winning an argument.
  • Floral scent of perfume - means a pleasant surprise.
  • Making women's perfume - the implementation of the plan.
  • Pouring perfume into bottles - means success in all endeavors.
  • Seeing someone selling women's perfume means income increase.

Symbolism of dreams about perfume

Dreaming of perfume may represent your desire for sensory pleasure and indulgence. It can indicate your longing for luxury, sensuality, or a desire to enhance your personal appeal.

Perfume is often associated with memories. Your dream might be linked to a specific memory or a person who used that scent. This could be your mind's way of revisiting the past.

In some cases, dreaming of perfume can be a warning sign. It may suggest that someone is being deceitful or dishonest. Be cautious about trusting people and situations.

Perfume can also symbolize self-confidence and self-image. Dreaming of wearing or applying perfume might signify your desire to present yourself in a more confident or appealing manner.

Perfume is associated with seduction and attraction. Your dream might reflect your desires for romantic or sexual encounters. Alternatively, it can symbolize your longing for someone's attention or affection.

Perfume is often used to mask unpleasant odors. If you dream of perfume in this context, it might represent your efforts to cover up or hide something in your waking life.

Some people find certain scents soothing and relaxing. Dreaming of perfume might indicate your need for stress relief and relaxation.

Sergii Haranenko
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