Pomegranate Dream Meaning

What does pomegranate symbolize in a dream? Dreaming about pomegranate usually indicates a chance to fulfill your plans. If you dreamed about pomegranate tree blooming, this is a sign of harmony in family relations.

Pomegranate is so scarlet and juicy, with precious grains. It tempts and beckons, but in a dream, almost every dream book interprets pomegranate as a symbol of wisdom and joy, often temptation and sexuality.

The fruit itself and pomegranate grains are a symbol of fertility, love and agriculture. Often the tree itself, dotted with flowers or ripe fruits, can personify passion and love, a strong union.

Peeling a pomegranate in a dream, seeing how you carefully separate grains from partitions is a sign of your curiosity and desire to comprehend the grain of truth. And soon knowledge will open to you, giving the way to the desired heights.

Remember! If you cut the pomegranate with a knife in a dream, you will have to overcome many dangers, make considerable efforts to achieve the desired result.

If you see a dream about a pomegranate that you peel and got splashed with its juice, there is a high probability of an accident, injury. If, after peeling the fruit, the grains turned out to be rotten, you need to show maximum patience and endurance during showdowns with relatives and friends. A small quarrel may grow into a huge scandal.

What does it mean if you were eating a pomegranate in a dream? If you ate a pomegranate yourself, this means your work and care will be recognized and appreciated by everyone. If you eat a fruit that someone else ate before you, you should expect meanness and treachery from friends or work colleagues. It is because of this meanness that you will suffer big financial losses.

If you stained yourself while eating pomegranate in a dream, this means someone is trying to slander you, but you shouldn’t pay attention to this.

If you wanted to eat a pomegranate, but it turned out to be artificial or a toy, such a dream predicts a meeting with a selfish person.

A dream about a sour or green pomegranate is a symbol of considerable problems and damage in business. Therefore, put things aside for the time being, until better times.

If you dream of making pomegranate juice, treat your friends and relatives to it, this means you are a very hardworking person who knows how to work in a team. This brings the fruits of labor and recognition. Drinking pomegranate juice, enjoying the aroma and sweetness – is a symbol that a rich period in life begins, rich in joy and bright events.

If you see a pomegranate garden or a blooming pomegranate, this is a symbol of the harmonious relationship of the dreamer with his own children and relatives. If you see flowering trees and feel their aroma, harmony and love reign in the family. But if you see too little bloom on the trees, this is a sign of problems in relationships with your children and relatives.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on your actions in a dream:
  • holding a pomegranate - means vain troubles;
  • choose a pomegranate - a variety in sexual life;
  • peeling a pomegranate - good news from a distant relative;
  • gathering a pomegranate - means good relationship with management;
  • eating pomegranate grains - means performing monotonous and boring work;
  • planting its grains - symbol of business success;
  • eating a large pomegranate with your husband - means a happy, strong marriage;
  • seeing a stranger picking fruits from a pomegranate tree - financial problems;
  • buying a pomegranate - means overcoming difficulties;
  • stealing a pomegranate - changing the place of residence;
  • breaking a pomegranate – sign of new acquaintances;
  • cutting a pomegranate - sign of hard work;
  • picking a pomegranate - means happiness and joy.
Sergii Haranenko
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