Porcupine Dream Meaning

A porcupine in a dream is often a warning about slander and gossip of other people. The symbol promises quarrels, minor troubles, and misunderstandings with friends, acquaintances, but sometimes foreshadows good luck.

To see a porcupine in a dream means that your business plans will face some obstacles soon. An unfavorable time is coming for any enterprises; therefore it is better not to do anything yet.

The dream also promises a lot of small misadventures or quarrels with friends, colleagues because of little things.

If the porcupine needles pricked you in a dream, a person with whom you seek to establish a closer relationship will not want to maintain this friendship.

If the porcupine took a redoubtable pose, sticking out his needles, you will have a conversation with a person who has a spiky character. Such communication requires the ability to find compromises.

If you see a porcupine whose needles stick in different directions, this image represents an acute situation for the dreamer. He will have to use all the intelligence to adequately get out of the situation.

A dream when an animal attacks means you can fall under the harmful influence of dishonorable persons.

According to Miller’s dreambook, to see a porcupine in a dream means that the dreamer has a negative attitude towards a certain new undertaking. Because of this, tensions with friends are possible.

    In order to get the correct dream interpretation, you should remember your actions with porcupine:
  • just seeing it - machinations of the enemies;
  • feeding a porcupine – endurance and courage of the dreamer will help to avoid many problems;
  • petting it without feeling the needles - an erroneous assessment of someone you know will cost a lot;
  • trying to lift it up – you will have some troubles soon.

The porcupine that was running away from you predicts a conflict which can not be avoided.

If a woman saw a dream about porcupine the night between Sunday and Monday, this plot means abrupt sudden changes. The night between Tuesday and Friday - deliverance from anxiety and longing. If it was seen on Friday or Saturday night, something unusual will happen, and the meaning of this incident will become clear only after a few years.

Holding a porcupine in your hands is a symbol of a serious conversation, communication on the edge of a quarrel. You should try to control your emotions.

Sometimes the porcupine foreshadows getting a better job, but also the vision speaks of disappointment in friends.

If you felt calm and confidence in a dream, the symbol of porcupine may bring good luck. In addition, such a dream symbol is the forerunner of spiritual purification in the life of the dreamer.

Sergii Haranenko
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