Hedgehog Dream Meaning

The needles of a small hedgehog symbolize the attitude of man to reality, as well as the influence of others on the dreamer himself. According to Miller’s dreambook, a hedgehog in a dream is a sign of unfinished business that should be completed. Unfinished issues will prevent you from fulfilling your plans.

According to Miller, seeing a hedgehog in a dream is a symbol of achieving incredible success through great difficulties and obstacles. It is possible you will have to make business with unpleasant people; this will bring a lot of difficulties in achieving your goals.

Baby-hedgehogs seen in a dream can have two interpretations: they can either means problems at work and quarrels in the family. They also personify small outbursts of anger at yourself, your partner, or sense of personal guilt, a feeling of inferiority.

If a businessman saw many hedgehogs in a dream, he should expect the appearance of inspection bodies, or several court cases. If a woman sees a lot of hedgehogs in her dream, she should take care of her health: slight problems with the genitourinary system are possible.

If you saw a dream about dead hedgehogs, this plot can be associated either with your personal growth or mean getting rid of enemies and other people who interfere with the realization of your career.

To feed the little animal from your hand promises a possibility of making friends with your worst enemy. For a young girl, such a dream speaks of her naivety and ignorance in amorous affairs, the shameless young man can take advantage of her gullibility.

If a young woman took a hedgehog in her hands, the dreambooks are warning her from communicating with a person whom she barely knows since he is capable of vile deeds. This plot predicts an unpleasant quarrel for married people.

For a girl to hold a hedgehog in her arms and not to feel that he is pricking in a dream means that she has the wrong opinion about a new friend.

If a young man feels the hedgehog needles prickle in a dream, he should be aware. Maybe there is a person in his surrounding who is spreading false gossip about him which can lead to losing his woman.

Seeing a hedgehog that rolled itself into a ball on your palm is a symbol of bad news or conflicts with colleagues. If the animal was sleeping in this position, but not defending itself, this plot promises appearance of a person who disappointed you a lot in the past.

If you saw someone holding a hedgehog in his hands, this means that this person will somehow control the dreamer’s life in the nearest future.

Finding a hedgehog in a forest predicts acquaintance with a person who can help you climb the career stairs.

A big hedgehog eating a mouse, personifies the mental state of the dreamer, his attempts to deal with his own shortcomings and weaknesses.

If you stepped on a hedgehog and felt pain, this is a sign you should revise your views.

Seeing a hedgehog fighting with a snake means you have faithful friends who will always support you when required.

To dream of a hedgehog with soft spines indicates that there are insincere and mercenary people in your inner circle who use you in their own interests.

An attacking hedgehog is a warning about possibility of getting into an unpleasant situation, which you will have to get out of yourself. A hedgehog bite is a sign of inevitable contradiction with someone.

Getting a hedgehog as a pet in a dream means that in reality you will meet an interesting person who will make a tremendous impression on you. The dream in which the hedgehog is haunting you indicates that you are tired of everyday fuss and excessive communication. All you need is to retire for a while.

Sergii Haranenko
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