All About Animals In Dreams.

Here is what D. Loff said about dreams in which animals appear: “Animals can play any role in a dream. As history shows, it was dreams about animals that proved the true value of dreams in general. They reveal the essence of personality problems and relationships, indicate the significance of life circumstances.

Animals can help us, talk to us, or they can chase us, even eat us or just be present in a dream, causing reassurance or, conversely, anxiety. Animals often appear in a dream under the influence of an individual life experience. To interpret a dream, it is important to compare your attitude to any animal in real life and in a dream. At the same time, you should pay attention to the behavior of the animal in a dream and compare it with your stereotype about this animal in real life. This is significant, because perceptions in a dream and in reality may be diametrically opposed."

If you see many different animals, this means you will come across a society of cunning, selfish people. This is a symbol of danger.

According to the Intimate dreambook, if you dreamed of an animal, this indicates your desire to surrender to the power of sensuality, to forget about duties and obligations. Or this dream may portend relationship with a person who does not oblige you to anything, with whom only sex or strong sensual attraction will connect you. You will be especially attracted to relationships with a partner who will allow you to take a dominant position in sex.

When interpreting dreams about animals, you should take into account what kind of animal it was, its behavior and your attitude to it. The dream dictionary will help you find the dream meaning you need.

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