Pumpkin Dream Meaning

Any cultivated plant in a dream is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, vitality. But a pumpkin seen in dreams is not always of positive significance. Many dream books come from a negative interpretation, but in any case, it all depends on the details of the dream.

For example, for those who were born in the autumn season, to see a pumpkin in a dream is a harbinger of problems with their physical condition. Perhaps this is a sign of excessive weight gain, approaching fullness. And for those born in summer, the dream book promises quite different troubles - in terms of money.

According to the 21st century dream book, a pumpkin in a garden indicates conflicts or empty promises, but only if married people saw it in a dream. For single girls and boys, such a plot foresees weddings.

The child’s subconscious mind associates the pumpkin fruit with miracles, like in the Cinderella tale, or with the attributes of Halloween. Therefore, what this vegetable means in a dream for a child is either fulfillment of desires, or hidden fears and complexes deeply embedded inside.

In the dream book of the White Wizard, this plant personifies the head, full of ideas that the dreamer does not dare to release outside. Seeing a pumpkin in a dream is a very good symbol, and you don’t need to worry that nobody will approve your idea, if you take it right, you can earn respect and fame.

According to Miller’s dream book, a pumpkin in a dream is a harbinger of conflicts in the workplace, due to competition with colleagues. But if you cook any food out of it, you will have a pleasant purchase, or receive a beautiful and necessary gift.

A young guy who wants to gain love of the person he likes may not expect reciprocal feelings if he saw a green pumpkin in a dream, the interpretation of the dream book foreshadows the lover’s sharp rejection of possible relationships, and the young man’s disappointment in love.

A woman who recently lost her husband can have no doubt about the meaning of a dream about a big pumpkin: in the near future there will be an admirer who will not be slow to offer his hand and a heart. Do not miss the chance, this man is a good person.

Why do you dream of a lot of pumpkins? If they are bright yellow, large, juicy, then you can safely compete, bet, argue for money or gamble - you will be lucky, both in money matters and in love affairs.

Pumpkin seeds are a clear symbol of fertility, the birth of a new life. Pumpkin seeds are especially beneficial for women who want to become pregnant. This picture portends a family replenishment.

Problems in the relationship of lovers are displayed by a rotten pumpkin in a dream. The cooling of feelings and misunderstanding are not at all connected with betrayal, this is only a temporary phenomenon, which will pass by itself.

Gathering pumpkins in a dream is a sign of a dream book about the magnificent success that awaits you as a result of a planned event. At the end of the journey, you will enjoy reaping the fruits of your efforts, and you will bathe in gratitude and glory.

Buying a pumpkin is a prediction of a dream book about suddenly fallen wealth. But only if the fruit was round, yellow or orange. If the peel on the vegetable is green, or even worse - rotten, do not rush to rejoice at the good news, then what such a picture portends obstacles and conflicts.

Sergii Haranenko
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