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Red Clothes Dream Meaning

The dreambooks call red clothes the symbol of very strong feelings. If you were wearing red clothes in a dream, you will soon have to experience strong feelings. Moreover, they can be very diverse: from rage, anger, to great joy or unforgettable love.

Putting on red clothes means the dreamer can not hide his feelings and people around will know his weak sides.

If a young girl sees a beautiful red dress, this is a precursor of a new admirer or even a marriage proposal. A married woman wearing such color will experience shame, or a very unpleasant situation.

If you saw a young girl wearing crimson or scarlet dress with a black veil on her face, this is a sign that a rival whom she didn’t take seriously will happen to be more successful.

If a woman sees a man she knows in red clothes, this means she is attracted to him as a sexual object. A man in red clothes is a sign that now is the time for active steps. You may start the endeavor you were thinking about. Seeing a man wearing a red shirt means that in order to achieve something, you must act decisively and confidently.

    Dream interpretations take into consideration the red color nuances seen in the image:
  • bright scarlet – a reflection of your sexuality;
  • saturated red – passion;
  • with a purple shimmer –your great dreams will not come true;
  • red-pink, light - happiness in love;
  • closer to orange — good mood, joy;
  • purple - influence on other people, thanks to the authority, sound judgment.

According to Miller, if you saw your friend wearing red clothes, this is a symbol meaning you will face losses and problems.

If you saw people in red clothes (dark-red or crimson) this means you will successfully solved the problems that were the result of your enemies’ intrigues. Seeing many people dressed in well-made clothes of rich red tones, promises great luck, happiness.

If you were trying on someone else’s red clothes, this is a reflection of your wish to live another person’s life.

Seeing yourself in another person’s suit or dress, especially if it didn’t fit, is a negative sign. The dreamer will experience quite strong disappointments.

If you dressed the child in red clothes in a dream, this means he will become the reason of your emotional burst.

To dress a beloved dog or another pet means: taking care of someone weak will bring trouble, but it will bring you great pleasure.
Sergii Haranenko

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