Yellow Clothes Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you are dreaming about a yellow outfit? According to the dream books of eastern countries, a yellow color is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but European interpreters tend to consider this color shades as a sign of goodbye. With this state of affairs, it will not be easy to understand why yellow clothes are seen in a dream. However, do not despair. Remember all the details you saw in a dream and study the interpretations of both groups.

Looking into Miller's dream book, you will find such an interpretation of a dream in which you met a lady dressed in yellow clothes: life will bring you together with a woman who will play a big role in your destiny, bringing both a lot of joy and problems.

    Pay attention to what kind of outfit in a dream had "solar color". So, it will be clearer why the yellow clothes appear in a dream:
  • a yellow dress – you will receive an advantageous offer;
  • a yellow skirt - you will flirt and coddle;
  • yellow trousers - symbol of a non-standard approach to solving the problem;
  • a yellow shirt or blouse - an exciting trip awaits you;
  • a yellow coat or jacket - only welcome guests will disturb your family comfort and tranquility.

Fashionable yellow clothing seen in a dream promises joy and harmony, the Chinese dream book predicts. If you dreamed that you are trying on an evening dress of "sunny" color - expect to be invited to an expensive and pretentious event, which many people dream to attend, including you.

What is the meaning of a dream in which you sewed yourself a festive yellow dress? This is a symbol of gaining spiritual wealth, and if you see golden buttons on this suit in a dream, then it also means material wealth. If you dreamed of a skirt of the color of the sun - be prepared for the increased attention of the opposite sex, the Eastern dream book predicts.

It is bad if you dreamed of yourself dressed in torn yellow clothes. Such a vision means loss and separation, says Pastor Loff's dream book. It is just as bad to see in a dream that you are wearing an old and dirty robe, the yellowness of the fabric of which is difficult to guess. A dream promises illness and a bad mood.

Those who dreamed of a yellow skirt worn out to holes should be careful in relations with men, because this dream means an insidious deception. Most likely, the man will seduce you, and then leave you, Tsvetkov's dream book explains.

Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd if you tried on shocking-looking yellow clothes in a dream.

If you dreamed that you put on a frankly short wedding dress in lemon color, this is a sign that your determination will come in handy, the Gypsy interpreter predicts.

But explaining why a bright yellow dress worn for a mourning ceremony is seen in a dream, Longo's dream book enlightens: do not be afraid to part with those people relationships with whom do not please you.

Seeing yourself in a coffin in a yellow suit means you will get rid of negative habits, complexes and fears.

Sergii Haranenko
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