Trying On A Dress Dream Meaning

The dreambooks give ambiguous interpretations of dreams about trying on a dress. This plot can promise either prosperity, success and love relations or hard work and extra troubles.

According to Miller, if you were trying on a dress in front of the mirror, this means you will have a sudden rival. But if the woman tried it on and decided to go on diet, this means she will prevail over her competitor and win back the love of her partner.

Trying on a dress in front of the mirror in the shop and then buying it is a promise of success in personal affairs. The same plot also represents reconciliation after a long quarrel.

If you were trying on many dresses in the shop, this means you will caught in routine and bustle. If there are many dresses in your wardrobe, such dream is a promise of prosperity, success and fulfillment of your plans.

The length and size of a dress also matters for correct dream interpretation. If you were trying on too short or too tight dress, this is a warning about worsening of the situation in all the spheres. A too long dress till your heels means your acquaintances will judge you for an unseemly deed.

Trying on a dress that was too big or for pregnant women in a dream means your self-esteem is too high and you have too many ambitions. You are trying to do things for which you do not have enough experience and knowledge. It is better to give them up and try something you can cope with.

If you were trying on some old dress, this is a sign of hard work. A married woman trying on a dress in a dream should beware of a competitor who can ruin her family happiness.

Trying on someone else’s dress means taking another person’s problems and responsibilities. You should think well whether you will be able to cope with extra burden.

A black dress symbolizes temporary small troubles that can lead to tears. You should not take them too emotionally.

    The dream interpreters are paying attention to the color of the dress in your dream:
  • A white one – a warning about possible illness;
  • A luxury wedding dress – an influential rich admirer;
  • A black dress – you will find out sad news;
  • Red dress – predicts a quarrel or conflict;
  • A dress of saturated red color – you are ready for flirting, love affair;
  • Violet dress – persistent courtship of men or jealousy of your partner;
  • A yellow dress – lies and envy surround you;
  • A blue or green one – your wish will come true.

Trying on a black dress can also mean feeling badly. A white dress gets dirty very fast, that is why it symbolizes vulnerability before negative emotions and troubles.

If a young girl was choosing a dress, this plot brings a pleasant connection with a young man with a number of good emotions. But you will get disappointed later on.

Trying on a beautiful outfit in a dream is a promise that you will make a very good impression in society thanks to your ability to behave and hold yourself with dignity.

If the dress you were trying on was nice and looked perfect on you, this dream is a symbol of harmony: you like everything about yourself and you feel that you are wanted.

Torn dress in a dream predicts spoiled reputation or a number of minor troubles. If you saw an unknown woman tear a dress, this is a sign of tears.

If you dreamed that your friend tore a dress while trying it on, this image predicts committing a thoughtless act.

Sergii Haranenko
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