Interpretation Of A Dream About Scales

What it means to dream about scales? Dream books interpret the scales seen in a dream as a symbol of balance, stability, compromise for the one who saw it in a dream. The scale seen in a dream indicates: it is necessary to make a choice, it promises prosperity, but also warns of litigation. The accompanying details will help explain why such a symbol appears in dreams.

To get on scales in order to find out your weight in a dream and to see that it has decreased – means you should pay more attention to your health in order to avoid complications. When your weight increased (the dreamer gained weight) – this dream means honor and respect from colleagues is waiting for you.

Why do you dream of weighing yourself? Miller's dream book promises prosperity, welfare and good luck to the sleeping person.

What it means to weight something in a dream? This means getting the money for which you have the right, although, in fact, you did not earn it in reality.

Weighing yourself in a dream - it means that the dreamer will show justice in relation to someone. It is likely that precisely because of such an act his affairs will improve significantly.

Standing on the floor scales in a dream to find out your weight because you are afraid to gain weight in a dream indicates: experiencing doubts prevent you from deciding on the direction of your life path.

If your weight does not bother you too much, then weighing yourself in a dream means: you are in thought, hesitating when making a decision that requires some important question. In this case the vision signals that it is time to decide sooner. It is necessary to gather strength to determine what to do.

Did you happen to get up on the floor scales in a dream? The dream interpretation informs: one of the beginnings of the sleeper runs the risk of collapse, since it can be circumvented by competitors. Decisions should be made quickly when necessary.

Interpretation of a dream about scales promises favorable circumstances when you dreamed about how it was presented to you. If this scale is stolen in a dream, failures and disappointments are possible.

Holding the scales in your hands – means the sleeper will receive very important, long-awaited news.

To see that they are weighting you something at the market, more attention should be paid to your plans, their progress, details, since deception in business is very likely. Sometimes such a symbol, according to the dream book, promises a person some important acquaintance very soon. Perhaps such a person will be useful for business or will help you resolve some issue.

Seeing the scales in a dream also portends litigation. If the scales are broken - the judge will make an unfair decision. If the bowls are balanced correctly - this, according to the dream book, is a sign of a fair court decision.

Did you dream of electronic scale, where the numbers are clearly visible? Upon assuming, you will accept responsibility, you will assess the impending risk.

Why do you dream that someone hands you the scale? In reality, a person will receive power. When it was stolen, there is a great risk of losing this power due to some kind of oversight.

To see broken scales in a dream – means you will commit an act that is not typical for you and can surprise people around you, and yourself as well.

The dream book explains a dream of a girl that she is weighing her lover the following way: in reality, she will find new virtues in him, among which will also be his devotion to her.

Why do you dream of finding out how much the other person weighs on an electronic scale? You will learn some of your friends from a completely new perspective and understand: you haven’t noticed much about him before.

Sergii Haranenko
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