Fat Woman Dream Meaning

Plumpness in a dream is associated with joy, good nature, abundance. In this context, the dreamed character, be it a stranger or a dreamer himself, foreshadows prosperity and material well-being.

The Modern dreambook gives positive interpretation of own fatness in a dream. For an unmarried young lady such a dream promises acquaintance with a rich and promising person who will show genuine sympathy for her.

If you saw that you were getting fat in dream, this means that your hopes will come true in reality. Simon Cananit's dreambook explains this plot with a foreboding of physical indisposition or physical injury.

If a married woman saw herself fat in a dream, such plot can predict coming pregnancy.

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The English dream book claims that everything related to a naked fat woman in dreams foreshadows a disease or separation. For those in love such plot tells about lack of understanding and support in the couple.

A Modern universal dream book compares a naked fat woman with the emotional stress of a sleeping person, which has arisen in pursuit of wealth. Try to find harmony in your heart and soul, otherwise you will destroy what you have been creating for so long and carefully with your own hands.

To see yourself naked and obese in the mirror, according to the Psychoanalytic interpreter, means that the dreamer is too critical of her own shortcomings in reality.

To see how a fat woman suffers from shortness of breath and does not look very healthy, which means that, according to the version of the Modern Dream Book, a dream is a warning that any excess and abuse threaten to have negative consequences. Suffering yourself from obesity in a dream means that on a subconscious level, you are preparing for the grandiose changes in life. Also, this vision reflects the inner discontent of the dreamer with the quality of life or her appearance.

Sergii Haranenko
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