Fat Man Dream Meaning

If you saw a fat man in your dream, you can expect prosperity, great luck, profits, or illness and problems in the nearest future.

If you meet a friendly fat man in a dream, then you will be lucky and happy. But a disgruntled and evil person can be seen before a difficult life period, Miller states.

If the character is moderately plump, the vision promises something good and pleasant, if swollen with fat and excessively bloated, then the interpretation of such dream is strictly negative.

A pleasantly looking fat man in a dream means you will become wealthy and will be able to enjoy your life. If the fat man looked ugly, such plot means that your friend will bring you a lot of worries in reality.

Seeing a sullen or ugly fatty means that the upcoming difficulties and frustrations will literally exhaust you and deprive you of vitality.

An obese man who was barely moving is a sign meaning that the reason for the failures and the difficult situation lies in your own lack of initiative and laziness. A dream about fat man also means you will have to be patient in order to receive the desired.

To see a very obese person in a dream can be a sign of future troubles associated with children and home.

A fat man who overeats different dishes in your dream reflects the dreamer's own dissatisfaction, literally - his insatiable appetites in everything.

Watching a fat guy during the meal also means that you will execute yourself for someone else’s trouble and suffer from remorse.

If the dreamer himself saw that he managed to get fat in a dream, it is a sign of disease, wealth or wish fulfillment in reality. A completely unfamiliar fat man means you will experience unusual but rather positive emotions, sensations.

The unknown fat man symbolizes in a dream the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge, news that needs to be thought out, literally digested and assimilated.

A completely naked fat man in a dream predicts failure in love sphere or shame.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the fat man’s identity:
  • Teenager – the beginning of successful period;
  • Your man – beginning, new task;
  • Old man – respect, wealth that you earned;
  • Deceased – conscious harm from others;
  • An acquaintance – breaking relations with him;
  • Friend – pleasant events, good news;
  • Husband – income, stability or his illness.
Sergii Haranenko
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