Shaving Head Dream Meaning

When interpreting dreams about shaving one's head, one must pay attention to the sacred meaning of the action carried out in a dream. Such manipulations predict the rejection of the old (habits, relationships, connections, things), the desire to fundamentally change reality, the desire to move to a new stage in life.

Dream Interpretations, on the other hand, connect hair seen with success and well-being of the sleeper, so getting rid of it indicates problems and obstacles: those thought up by the dreamer or intentionally created by others.

Seeing or watching the shaving process in a dream, is interpreted by Miller's dream book that the dreamer's intentions to do some promising business will not be particularly successful, since he does not have the necessary supply of inspiration to carry out his plan.

If a man dreamed that he shaved his hair after discovering a bald patch, it indicates that the magnanimity of the dreamer can be the main cause of poverty.

To dream of a woman's shaved head, according to the Modern Combined Dream Book, predicts hunger and poverty. But having met a shaven-headed man in your dream, one can hope for a favorable outcome of the current case, great financial gain.

If you dreamed of your own wife or husband with a shaved head, it means that there will be cooling of relations in the family due to financial turmoil.

Shaving off the hair on the child’s head, is mentioned in the dream book that the family joy or success of the enterprise started depends entirely on your choice and actions in reality.

In women's dreams, shaving off the head of a woman is regarded as a complete and undeniable victory over a rival or competitor. The dreaming image in male dreams personifies the complete trust and submission of the beloved, her readiness for sexual experiments.

A dream in which one had to shave his child's head with a dangerous razor predicts his possible predisposition to skin diseases or allergies.

Dream Interpretation of Denise Lynn explains why one dreams of shaving his own hair. Thus, the dreamer associates the dreamed shaving with a period of solitude and reflection on his current life. Perhaps you are in a situation that requires you to choose and take decisive action. Do not haste, give yourself time to think - a solution to the problem is sure to be found.

A completely different explanation of dreams about shaving your own head bald is provided by the Complete New Age Dream Book. In the understanding of the interpreter, the image seen is about the need to meekly accept the impending changes and submit to the situation.

A vision in which you see your own shaved head is considered to be good. Such an image in a dream is considered a symbol of courage and inner confidence to lead a major business, taking a leading role and great responsibility, while proving superiority over competitors.

Sergii Haranenko
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