Slot Machines Dream Meaning

The dream book interprets the dreams of slot machines in completely different ways, depending on the context of the plot. Therefore, in order to understand why, for example, "one-armed bandit" is seen in a dream, this fact alone is not enough. You need to remember what you did with it in a dream, and what emotions you experienced at the same time - this is the only way you will get the most accurate predictions for the future.

If you happen to play slot machines in a dream, it means that Fate will give you a chance to become happier in waking life, Pastor Loff's dream book pleases with the interpretation. But for the "players in life" such a plot hints at the need to reconsider their attitude towards gambling.

It is also good to watch other people play, but only if the players are smiling and happy. Such a dream prophesies new useful acquaintances and meetings.

If the dreambooks have practically no disagreements in the interpretation of what it means when someone dreams of losing in the game on slot machines - this is a sign of luck and fortune, there are different interpretations regarding the successful outcome of the game.

The Eastern dream book considers winning at slot machines as a prospect to be arrogant and miss a lucky chance. Remember, if a lot of coins have spilled on you, then this is a hint: do not be petty.

The Gypsy dream book regards winning at slot machines as a warning: vanity and arrogance can cause a quarrel with a friend. If you do not stop behaving like a "person of royal blood", you run the risk of not only breaking off relations with a loved one, but also being known as arrogant and prude.

Calculating the amount of winning in a dream is a symbol of lost funds in real life. You should not place bets or invest money anywhere in the near future - this will not just deprive you of the desired profit, but can also bankrupt you, the oracles warn.

Miller's dream book, deciphering the dream of slot machines that you fill with coins, claims that this is not the best symbol. However, there is no need to panic either. Plots of such content hint that a good period is coming not for implementation, but for planning.

If you have any ideas, now is the time to start developing them - be it a business plan or a creative project. You need to visualize what you want, assess your capabilities, discuss financial issues - these actions will indicate weaknesses and allow you to strengthen them.

A picture in which you see yourself robbing slot machines in a dream is bad omen, the Summer Dream Book warns.

Smashing, breaking, spoiling gaming machines for gaining profit is a sign that you will face disappointment and total bad luck. All hopes will be in vain, dreams will be illusory, and efforts will be in vain, too.

Seeing slot machines broken or spoiled in a dream is a signal that resentment, conflicts and problems in relationships with people around you await you.

The interpretation of a dream about wandering around an abandoned gambling house among the piled-up "mechanical robbers" and furniture is a symbol of cooling feelings, lack of positive emotions and disappointment in someone who seemed ideal until recently (friend, boss, chosen one).

Why do you dream of getting chips or coins out of a broken machine? Such a vision promises a quarrel with a loved one because of your greed.

But what explanations do dream books offer if you dreamed about slot machines that give out not money, but something else?

Did you beat the machine and it gave you some food as a prize? Someone will surprise you with a gastronomic dish or invite you to an expensive restaurant.

Receiving alcohol as a slot machine winning predicts pleasant surprises, excitement and entertainment. And if you got a valuable trinket from an arcade, it means that some completely predictable event will receive an unexpectedly pleasant continuation, radically changing your plans for life.

A dream in which you assemble the "one-armed bandit" or paint it at the factory is considered a good sign. Dream Interpretation of Longo believes: this is a sign that you will be trusted with some important secret, one might even say - a commercial secret.

    An important role in deciphering what slot machines mean in dreams is also played by their location. For example, here is what it means if you saw gaming machines at the following places:
  • in a casino - you are too irresponsible;
  • in a park - it is worth thinking about changing the type of activity;
  • on the beach - you are used to making decisions on a whim - it's time to learn to analyze;
  • in the forest - you will have an influential patron;
  • at home - it's time to reassess values ​​and get rid of bad habits;
  • in a hospital or school - you devote a lot of time and attention to unnecessary things;
  • by public transport - a journey or an exciting trip awaits you;
  • in the office - predicts raise of wages.
Sergii Haranenko
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