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Dream of casino

What do dreams about winning money gambling mean? Dreams of casino usually predict salary increase or getting a well-paid job. Besides that such a dream may predict taking part in financial venture.

Casino is a symbol that does not have an exact explanation. To understand what the gambling house means in dreams, one should recall all the details of the plot. So, for example, if you dreamed that you were a casino employee, remember who you were: the dealer means pointless spending, but the cashier predicts profit. It is also important to remember whether you won in a dream or lost, in which game, what color you bet.

If you dreamed that you work in a casino as a croupier - take care of your money and control expenses. You spend too much.

The dream in which your job is to keep order in the room and protect the money of customers - whether you will have money or not depends on whether you have desire to earn money, Miller predicts.

If you dream that you work as a cashier, exchanging money for chips and vice versa - you will have an excellent income. You will be able to collect the necessary amount to buy what you dream about.

You have won a large amount in a casino - expect a lot of joy and fun, the Moon Dream predicts. To dream that you won a lot because you hit the jackpot, and the casino cannot pay you off because they don’t have such funds - in order to achieve what you want, you will have to make every effort, you may even have to work hard to gain your victory.

If it is a dream that your winnings are mere pennies - you will not see much success and achievements, but you will be lucky in the little things, the Female Dream Book promises.

If you dreamed that you played for the last money and as a result lost it – this means that rash actions can endanger your family or friends. Be reasonable and take care of your loved ones.

To see in a dream that no matter what table you sit at, you are unlucky in any game - you should get rid of some of your bad habits, since they greatly interfere with your relatives, the dreambook of Vanga predicts.

To watch robbery of a casino in a dream - nothing threatens your career at the moment, neither promotion nor decrease in position.

If you dreamed that you were in the casino when the robbers attacked it - beware of the machinations of envious people and competitors, you may lose your position, or even your job, the Eastern Dream Book warns.

It is a dream that you are one of the casino robbers and you managed to steal a large amount in banknotes and chips - you will be able to go one step up the career ladder, albeit not in a very honest way.

If you had a dream that you play roulette - you have to make a choice in real life: if the color red fell in a dream, you make the right decision; black - better not risk it, the Autumn Dreambook tells.

Preference or poker game seen in a dream is a sign that you are behaving very irresponsibly, you can pay for it at best with finances, at worst with your health, the Modern Dream Book warns.

If you dreamed that you were playing the slot machine without stopping, constantly throwing more and more chips into it - you are an irresponsible person, not because you are lazy, but because you are spineless.

Top-5 negative dreams about gambling

  • A dice game in a casino is a dream about regrets due to a rash act.
  • Losing the last dime in roulette - means losses through your own fault.
  • Making bets in a dream - predicts the loss of property.
  • Working as a croupier is a sign of deception on the part of a loved one.
  • Seeing how a casino is robbed predicts problems with the law.

Top-5 auspicious casino dream meaning

  • Dreaming of playing slot machines means receiving a cash prize.
  • Exchanging money for chips - means implementing your plans.
  • Sitting at the gambling table - promises relaxing in a cheerful company.
  • Playing poker in a casino - means participating in a promising project.
  • Hitting the jackpot in a dream - promises peace and harmony in the family.

Symbolism of dreams about winning money gambling

Dreaming of winning money through gambling may simply represent a desire for luck or good fortune in your waking life. It could be a reflection of positive expectations or hopes for financial success.

Gambling is inherently linked to risk-taking. Dreaming of winning money through gambling might symbolize your willingness to take risks or make bold decisions in your waking life. It could be encouraging you to seize opportunities.

Winning money in a dream can sometimes reflect emotional satisfaction or a sense of accomplishment. It might not necessarily be about financial gains but rather the emotional rewards associated with success.

Dreaming of a windfall through gambling might signify a desire for positive change or a break from routine. It could represent a wish for a sudden and positive shift in your circumstances.

On the flip side, if you have concerns about gambling or taking excessive risks in your waking life, the dream might serve as a cautionary message. It could be urging you to assess the potential consequences of impulsive actions.

Dreams about winning money can sometimes be related to financial stress or concerns in your waking life. It might be a manifestation of your hopes for improved financial stability.

Sergii Haranenko
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