Stepping On Poop Dream Meaning

Almost everyone knows why excrement appears in dreams – this is a symbol of an unexpected financial and career takeoff, generous gifts, and sudden inheritance. If you happened not just to see feces in a dream, but step into shit or get dirty, you know – this is the same as getting a sign of stable wealth. In modern dream books, it means a comfortable long life. It is especially good if you dreamed that it was extremely difficult to wash your shoes.

The psychologist Miller says: smashing feces in a dream predicts a good day. In this case, it is important to take into account to whom the excrement belonged: a person or an animal.

If you dreamed that you happened to walk in the park and step on dog's feces, expect invaluable help from old friends. Seeing cat feces in a dream – predicts intrigues, the tricks of rivals.

    Miller's dream book explains why you dream of stepping in shit taking into account the situation in a dream:
  • in the toilet - promises luck first thing in the morning;
  • in the office - means deception, gossip, fraud;
  • in the middle of the apartment - sign of inheritance;
  • on the street - a profitable investment.

Dream Interpretation of Veles explains in his own way why someone dreams of stepping into shit. It turns out that horse manure, which you did not notice under your feet in a dream, means a big business deal. The more you get dirty, the more grandiose the success will be. Banking operations will become the dreamer's favorite pastime.

Leaving the toilet, while seeing pieces of feces on slippers or shoes is a symbol of everyone's recognition. Nothing depends on you - money and fame will fall on your head. And even an unpleasant smell symbolizes a win, the return of a forgotten debt, or a generous gift from fate.

Stepping into shit in your own apartment, according to Nostradamus's dream book, is a sign of family well-being. The more you managed to spread feces on the floor, the more sources of income will appear in the dreamer's life. It is better if you dreamed that a lot of efforts were made to clean the room, but you still didn’t manage to remove the shit in the dream.

Receiving an inheritance, signing a contract of your dreams, purchasing real estate – this is exactly what floor stained with crap in a residential building means in dreams.

Seeing feces belonging to a child is a sign of surprise that will make you happy for several months or even years.

There are also negative interpretations of a dream. If feces were in the office and you could not walk them around them successfully, get ready for a real war among colleagues. Tsvetkov's dream book predicts squabbles, intrigues and gossip if you happen to see all employees with shit on their shoes. At the same time, experts recommend remembering the smallest details that surprised you in a dream.

Stepping into shit, not being able to wash it or wipe it off the sole can also mean fraud of friends and people who have to be trusted.

It is even worse if you stepped into diarrhea. Vanga's dream book warns: someone from the inner circle does not even try to hide his discontent and is trying to get back at you in every possible way, does not meet the deadline for submitting reports, deliberately spoils the documents.

Sergii Haranenko
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