Diarrhea Dream Meaning

Dream interpretation believes that diarrhea in a dream indicates a strong emotion or rejection by the dreamer of the surrounding world. Trying to understand the meaning of dreams about diarrhea, do not forget about the most natural reason: a malfunction of the stomach. The body makes it known in this way that it would not hurt to reconsider the diet.

When you happen to see liquid feces, the dreambook believes that the image eloquently reflects the attitude of the dreamer to reality. There are too many unacceptable or annoying factors around. The Ancient dreambook gives quite a favorable interpretation for this unpleasant plot: the symbol promises unexpected profit.

People who are under stress, fear and depressive states can see dreams about indigestion.

If you often happen to see diarrhea in a dream, a repeated plot suggests that the roots of the unsolved problems are deep. Perhaps it makes sense to analyze your childhood memories to get rid of the complexes.

If you had diarrhea in a dream, the dreambook does not recommend lending anything.

Dream about diarrhea with vomit foreshadows large and vain outflow of money. Urge to stool or vomit reflects the dreamer's aspiration to get rid of what spoils his life at any cost.

If you plunged into liquid feces and got pretty dirty, you can expect global positive changes.

Miller associates diarrhea with quarrels and problems. Virtually no household or industrial issue can not be resolved peacefully.

Most interpretations consider children's diarrhea to be a good sign, a harbinger of pleasant surprises, if the infant produced it. If it was an older child, you risk inadvertently being in a delicate situation.

The Esoteric dreambook believes that child’s indigestion means that children have problems that they are trying to hide from adults. Children's diarrhea symbolizes unexpected news related to children.

Sergii Haranenko
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