Sticking Dream Meaning

If you happened to stick to something in a dream so much that you could not tear yourself away, this means that you will certainly fall in love in the real world. Dream Interpretations will tell you why such a funny plot appears in a dream.

This is Love!

Sticking in the night dreams literally means getting to know the person who will become your life companion in the future.

Did you dream that you got yourself into something sticky? This dream is a sign that the new romance will last the rest of your life.

Make up your mind!

Have you experienced negative emotions in a sticking dream? The Wanderer's Dream Interpretation suspects that some long-standing connection weighs on you and your partner, but you cannot break it by the force of attachment or other circumstances.

If you do not decide to part voluntarily, then everything will end in a huge scandal and mutual hatred. It is better if you experience pleasant emotions in a dream. You will find yourself in a certain society where you will be welcomed with joy.


In a dream, did you get stuck to clay? In reality, you will be mired in debt and loans. If you are stuck in the mud in a dream, this means you are committing evil deeds and sinful deeds.

Did you dream that you stepped on a chewing gum and managed to stick to it? The Female dream book warns: you will do an unseemly deed or you will end up in a bad story.

Have you ever seen other people finding themselves in such an awkward situation when they stuck to chewing gum? Such a vision means that these troubles will overtake your loved ones.

Are you sure?

In general, chewing gum, to which you are unlucky enough to stick, is a rather interesting symbol in a dream.

It reflects the need to stop and think carefully. At the same time, chewing gum is considered a reflection of dubious benefits.

Seeing some kind of sticky mass, but not sticking to it, is good. In real life, you will have time to notice the danger and behave carefully. The place where the sticky substance was found will tell you exactly where difficulties lie in wait.

Hold on!

Did you dream that something was stuck to your hands or clothes? There will be communication with an extremely impudent and intrusive person, from whom you can get rid of only thanks to rough treatment.

Did you see in a dream that you were unlucky to stick to the flypaper? This dream means you will fight with friends or get sick.

Seeing that fish scales have stuck to your hands or clothes symbolizes an unwillingness to fulfill other people's whims or an unwillingness to change.

What was it?

In a dream, did some viscous substance manage to stick to your hands? To get the clearest interpretation of the dream, it is advisable to remember what it was.

    What did you stick to in a dream?
  • Window putty – inadequacy, dreaminess.
  • Sticking to dough means a quarrel in the house.
  • Resin – means envy, bad thoughts.
  • Sticking to honey means deception, flattery, false promises.

Miller's dream book.

Have you ever felt that your lips are sticking together from sweet syrup or honey in a dream? The interpreter insists: do not chatter, let alone spread rumors.


What do the other sticky masses that you happened to stick to in a dream mean? Each and every one of them warns that delays, forced waiting and difficulties of a different nature are in store for you.

Did you have a dream that you could not tear off a medical plaster from your chest? This dream means you will experience a mind-blowing passion in waking life, which will end in heavy emotional experiences, reminiscent of a morning hangover.

Sergii Haranenko
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