Swimming Pool Dream Meaning

Nightly dreams, in which you see yourself swimming in a pool with clear bluish water are hard to forget. Such dreams give peace and tranquility. As for muddy and dirty water, in this case, the dreambook gives warning predictions.

If you are swimming in the pool in a dream, such plot predicts pleasant events. For a young woman, such a dream means that thanks to her ability to endear people, she will get what she wants and find a worthy companion.

Swimming in a new and attractive pool is a sign of good health and financial well-being. Universal dreambook promises numerous victories in the field of love and career.

If you see a dream about one of your friends or relatives bathing in a pool, this plot is a sign of big changes that will change your usual view on many issues.

According to Longo, swimming in a pool predicts a long-awaited love date. Maybe you will meet on of your ex-boyfriends to whom you had strong feelings.

If you dreamed that sliding on water is very easy, you will soon receive an offer that may seem profitable. But, be careful, it may well happen that someone is trying to deceive you.

According to Freud's dreambook, if you swim in a pool, you will soon have a love experience, and you will forget about your business and responsibilities. Despite strong emotions, the euphoria will not last long.

If you get pleasure from swimming in the pool in a dream, this means that you give too much energy to do household chores in real life. Modern dreambook advises having a good rest.

If you felt discomfort while swimming (the water was cold, it was difficult to swim, and so on), you will have to part with a close friend for a while. This may be due to his departure.

According to Miller, if a young girl sees herself swimming in a pool, this image promises her favorable changes. Thanks to decency and self-esteem, she will acquire a true friend and secure a strong position in society.

The dream interpretation of Aesop treats an empty pool in a dream as suffering from loneliness. If you have a dream of frozen water - you should be ready for trouble that you will have to cope with on your own.

Vanga gives the following interpretation of dreams about empty swimming pool. It is believed that emptiness reigns in your soul, formed after breaking the relationship with your loved one. You do not know how to console yourself and constantly think about the loss. You need to find a hobby and direct your thoughts in a different direction.

If the water was transparent and clean, you can count on strong position in society and success in business. To see green or brown liquid in the pool shows risk of getting seriously ill, the Modern dreambook states.

To jump from a springboard in a dream and to hit the water surface painfully means that you avoid taking responsibility in reality because you are not confident in your abilities. Because of this, all your undertakings fail.

If you had a dream about water getting out of the pool, you should be ready for quite serious troubles. Beware of accidents and pay more attention to your health.

To drown in a dream means to get into a difficult situation. Getting out of it with dignity will be quite difficult. The interpreters advise to consult with a wise man.

If the swimming pool was filled with champagne in a dream, you can be expecting declaration of love from your admirer; if it was filled with milk, the dream promises recovery for an ill person.

Jumping from a tower into water in a dream means making an important choice in reality. Your future life will depend on this choice.

Sergii Haranenko
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