Brown Color Dream Meaning

Brown color seen in a dream reflects certain stability. If you paid close attention to brown color in a dream, then you will have to give up unrealistic plans and come up with something more real in reality.

The dream reflects the need to get close to your roots. It may be necessary to reconcile with relatives or follow some rule. Brown color symbolizes the oath and some promises, law and order, reflects the work and requires obedience. It conveys the most mundane emotions - aggression, greed, envy.

    The dreambooks also give interpretation of the plot according to the color shade:
  • All warm colors promise hope and auspicious progress.
  • Cold tones - discontent, efforts, difficulties.
  • Coffee shades predict trouble.
  • Cinnamon color - a nice present.
  • Chestnut color signifies great health and physical strength.

If the brown color in your dream was so light that it practically turned into yellow, this is a sign promising meeting a woman who will deliver a lot of problems, but also will do a lot of good for you personally. In addition, the dreambooks are confident that the yellow shade of brown warns of a deterioration in the current situation in all areas.

A brown horse seen in a dream predicts a high position and gaining power. If you dreamed of a bay horse, the dream interpretation is convinced that your desires will be fulfilled, your career will be settled, and prosperity and hope will come into your life.

If a man happened to see a dark horse in his dream, he will gain luck. The vision also promises the satisfaction of passions. For a woman, it means that she needs to be softer and more compliant and then she will find what she wants.

If you saw high brown boots in your dream this image characterizes you as a person accustomed to lead and dominate. Among other things, this is a sign that you will need to spend a lot of time in different governmental offices.

To see brand new leather boots is a symbol of profitable business and joy; torn and old boots mean poverty and decay.

If you happened to find brown boots in a dream, you can expect great changes. Losing brown boots predicts cheating.

Brown color in any kind of clothes warns you of danger.

If you dreamed of brown eyes, they mean betrayal and treason, deceitful friends and unfaithful partners. If you happened to see your own brown eyes, the dreambooks are sure that you are plotting a bad business and in general often think badly.

Gustav Miller notes: if you happened to dye your hair brown at night, get ready for difficulties at work and reprimands from your bosses. In general, dyeing your hair in any halftones of brown is very bad. Dream interpretation is a foreshadowing the sequence of conflict situations. It is also a symbol of injustice and oppression.

Sergii Haranenko
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