Teenagers Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see teenagers in a dream? Dream about teenagers predicts receiving support from your loved ones. Besides that such a dream may be a sign of troubles because you can not control your emotions.

Teenage girls seen in a dream symbolize the emergence of new prospects at work; if it was a dream about boys-teenagers, this dream means participating in a profitable project.

Seeing in a dream how unfamiliar teenage boys play football – means regretting missed opportunities.

Seeing yourself as a teenager - symbolizes uncertainty in the future.

Many teenagers seen in a dream predict the emergence of unreasonable fears.

    What are the Top-5 negative dreams about teenagers?
  • Teenagers with pimples seen in a dream mean unpleasant memories.
  • Drunk teenagers - misunderstanding in relations with younger family members.
  • Quarreling with teenagers in a dream is a sign of gossip.
  • Running away from teenagers - warns that you might get injured.
  • Seeing a teenager cry symbolizes strong worries.
    Here are the Top-5 positive teenager dream meanings:
  • A teenager in love seen in a dream symbolizes mutual love.
  • Cheerful teenager - means good news.
  • Walking with teenagers predicts a long-awaited purchase.
  • Teaching them - getting a leadership position.
  • If you dreamed that teenagers helped someone, this means a wish come true.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends an exciting journey.

    Other interpretations of dreams about teenagers by Miller:
  • teenagers who do their homework show the need to relax;
  • bathing adolescents - mean beneficial cooperation;
  • adolescents smoking - sign of health problems;
  • teenagers laughing out loud - means gossip about the dreamer's past;
  • teenagers breaking glass - the appearance of enemies.

When a woman dreams about tall teenagers, this plot predicts making the right decision; thin adolescents symbolize unreasonable alarm.

    Vanga gives the following brief dream interpretations:
  • cheerful teenagers mean unplanned expenses;
  • sad juveniles - mean the appropriation of other people's merits;
  • frightened teenager - symbolize bad luck;
  • making remarks to teenagers - means trying to correct a mistake;
  • helping a teenager - means changing one’s image;
  • communicate with them - means gaining useful experience;
  • playing with teenagers - symbolizes joy.
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