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Playing The Ball Dream Meaning

If you happened to play the ball in a dream, this is a sign of an extremely unstable situation in which any victory can be replaced by a complete defeat.

Any manipulations with the ball in dreams symbolize the relationship between the external world and the inner Ego of the dreamer. This is a reflection of the potential and real possibilities for the realization of a certain goal. If you happened to play a ball in a dream, the dream book does not recommend taking decisive actions for some time.

However, most often this game symbolizes the desire or ability to enjoy life. Children's ball symbolizes the elimination of obstacles and successful combination of circumstances. Sports equipment seen in a dream means you will have to compete with someone soon. A volleyball predicts an endeavor that will take all your attention. A dream about soccer ball represents leadership in some team.

Another interpretation of dreams about playing the ball is the coming meeting with a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time. It can also mean multiplying your wealth. If you just rolled it back and forth, then you will be bothering in vain.

A competition with a ball in a dream means that if you decide to get involved in some kind of dispute or gambling, you will certainly win.

To see how the ball rolls towards you - in reality you will receive a worthy reward. If you dreamed that the ball was rolling away from you, then you will have to work long and hard for further promotion.

Miller's dream interpreter is sure that playing the ball means that you will overcome obstacles, no matter how difficult and incredible they may seem.

If the ball rolled away from a woman, she will have to face jealousy; for a man it means he should not focus on your laurels.

If the ball suddenly burst right in your hands, you will commit a rash act, which you will have to regret for a considerable time.

Sergii Haranenko

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