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Child Dream Meaning

What is the child dream meaning and symbolism? The spiritual dream meaning of a baby in a dream predicts committing a thoughtless act or shows the lack of desire to take responsibility. Besides that, seeing kids in a dream also predicts vain expectations.

    The dreambooks give interpretation of a child in a dream depending on the plot details:
  • dream of a child without legs - predicts the beginning of a period of failures;
  • child with three eyes - symbolizes strong fright;
  • a dirty child in a dream - means unforeseen expenses;
  • dream of an ugly child - predicts participating in a dubious project or anxiety and bad mood;
  • seeing an unborn baby in a dream - means changes in personal life;
  • dream of a child in feces - symbolizes the loss of business reputation;
  • seeing a wounded child in a dream - warns of the risk of domestic injury;
  • scary kid - sign of loneliness;
  • if a child was delirious - this means prolonged depression;
  • if a child hits his head against the wall - losses through one’s own fault;
  • dream about a child speaking - symbol of good news;
  • kids rides on a swing - promises a long-awaited rest;
  • if a child hugs you in a dream - this means family well-being;
  • if a kid is singing in a dream - this plot predicts a happy holiday;
  • if the child asks you to take him on your hands - means lack of attention from loved ones;
  • if a baby sits on a chair and laughs - this means disappointment and tears;
  • if a baby smiles in a dream - this is a sign of vivid impressions.

    The dreambooks provide dream meanings depending on one’s actions:
  • leading the child by the hand - means overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • rocking the baby’s cradle - predicts happiness and tranquility;
  • searching for a kid and finding him - indicates the need to make a difficult choice;
  • babysitting in a dream - means income increase;
  • dressing a child - means performing tedious work;
  • lulling a baby - symbolizes moral and physical fatigue;
  • talking to a child - sign of an interesting conversation;
  • to see a child burning - warns of trouble;
  • child got run over - means useless pastime;
  • dropping a baby on the floor - means losses through one's own fault.

    What are the Top-5 adverse child dream meanings?
  • A dream about sick child speaks of health problems.
  • Dead child – is a sign of bereavement.
  • Washing a child in a dream is a sign of tedious chore.
  • Beating a kid in a dream – predicts litigation.
  • Seeing someone yelling at a child means loss of self-control.

    What are the Top-5 favorable dreams about children?
  • A child in the house in a dream promises good news from distant relatives.
  • Seeing a youngster in the park – predicts attending an entertainment event.
  • Playing with a child – promises the implementation of the plan.
  • Adopting a baby – means committing a good deed.
  • Seeing someone walking with a child is a sign of an interesting event.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream symbolizes fear of difficulties.

According to Freud's dream book, children in dreams symbolize winning a competitive struggle.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream portends a change in the field of activity. If a married woman dreams of her own child, this plot predicts reconciliation with her husband; if it was someone else’s child – this is a sign of causeless fear.

Tsvetkov considered that one kid means trust problems; two children in a dream predict an interesting find; three kids predict temporary difficulties;many children represent household chores.

Nostradamus thought that if a young man saw that a child has peed on someone – this means he will earn money dishonestly.

If you dream about a child suffocating, this dream symbolizes moral pressure on the part of people close to you. Dream about a hanged child warns against making a serious mistake.

Sergii Haranenko

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