Voodoo Doll Dream Meaning

Dreaming about voodoo doll, what it means? In general voodoo dolls seen in a dream predict getting senior position. Such a dream also predicts acquiring expensive property or a quarrel with your partner because of his/her jealousy.

According to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, such a dream can be interpreted as a sign of unpleasant changes.

According to Miller, a Voodoo doll with needles seen in a dream is a symbol of arguing with neighbors.

    Interpretations of dreaming about voodoo doll in Vanga's dream book:
  • to conduct a ceremony with a Voodoo doll predicts taking care for a sick relative;
  • talking with the voodoo doll – predicts a serious conversation with a loved one;
  • carrying the doll in your hands – means pride in your achievements.
    Meaning of dreams about voodoo dolls according to Tsvetkov’s dream book:
  • voodoo doll in the hands of a friend means trying to implement a futile project;
  • a relative holding a voodoo doll - receiving important information soon;
  • if a neighbor has it – this means vivid romantic relationship.

According to Loff, such a dream can symbolize a difficult period in life.

What is the meaning of voodoo doll for men? If a young man found a Voodoo doll in a dream, this means participating in a dubious affair; piercing it with a needle – means improving your housing conditions; if a man sews a doll – this predicts the envy of his colleagues.

If a woman dreamed that a voodoo doll came to life, this plot promises a meeting with her former beloved.

Voodoo doll representing a child in a dream predicts long and hard work. If the doll symbolizes your boss, this dream promises promotion. A voodoo doll of your father predicts changing place of living. Dreaming about voodoo doll of your wife symbolizes looking for a way out of a difficult situation.

    Popular dream meaning by Meneghetti's dream book:
  • trying to manipulate someone using the magic of a Voodoo doll predicts creating a strong family;
  • buying a Voodoo doll – means unexpected wealth, thanks to which the dreamer will be able to start his own business;
  • selling it – is a symbol of self-doubt.
    Veles gives the following short interpretations of a dream depending on what kind of voodoo doll you saw:
  • porcelain voodoo doll in a dream predicts long, hard work that will bring good profit;
  • clay doll – represents poor health;
  • rag voodoo doll – promises the fulfillment of an old dream;
  • straw doll – brings popularity among women if seen by men;
  • if a woman saw a voodoo doll – this means unsuccessful attempt to restore friendly relations;
  • two voodoo dolls in a dream represent worries for children;
  • a voodoo doll in blood represents vain hopes;
  • a doll without face predicts temporary separation from the one you love;
  • a doll made from hair – predicts a visit of unexpected guests;
  • black voodoo doll is a symbol of unrequited love.
    Top-3 negative meanings of dreaming about voodoo doll:
  • To receive a voodoo doll as a gift in a dream means losing an important document.
  • Throwing it out of the window – means poverty.
  • Burning a Voodoo doll on fire means the death of an elderly family member.

What are the positive meanings of voodoo dolls in dreams?

To make a Voodoo doll in the form of an enemy or an envious person promises victory in a dispute.

Finding a Voodoo doll in your own bedroom means revealing hidden talents.

Sergii Haranenko
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