Xenophobia Dream Meaning

What does xenophobia mean? It means hostility or fear of someone or something that is perceived as strange or foreign; the perception of someone else as unpleasant and dangerous.

But what does it mean if you dream about this bad trait? What do dreambooks say of xenophobic demonstration in the night dreams? Here are, for example, the interpretations by Erotic dreambook. Xenophobia – an unhealthy fear of strangers and unknown people – that appears in your dream may indicate that you are jealous in sex. In many dreams, both erotic and ordinary, there are scenes where the dreamer protects himself and the objects of his love from the attack of enemies and strangers. Such an exaggerated form in a dream indicates possessiveness.

If you constantly have xenophobic dreams, this means you should analyze your sexual relationships. Do you expect too much devotion from your beloved? Are you worried that your partner may leave you? If it is so, you should understand why is this happening? Dreams of xenophobic behavior are usually seen by someone who is unduly afraid that his partner will abandon him. It is worth noting that exaggerated possessiveness can become similar to claustrophobia and actually become the cause of the gap that the owner is so afraid of.

A stranger who is seen in a dream and is unknown or still incomprehensible means an unconscious aspect or personality trait of a person that will soon appear; as well as uncertainty of events.

Xenophobic dreams also indicate anxiety, fear of strangers. A man who opposes parts of himself and a stranger in a dream can show the shadow phase of self-knowledge.

Fighting a stranger in a dream means internal conflict with a specific figure. It symbolizes an unknown aspect of a familiar person. The plot is the embodiment of all the unknown, indefinite.

A dream about xenophobia also shows fear of authenticity.

Sergii Haranenko
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